8 Short Girl Struggles

We all have that one friend that can never reach anything ,causing them to become extremely dependent on step stools. They also seem to develop  amazing ninja skills, enabling them to find the most unique ways to climb anything they can’t reach.

1. You have trouble reaching anything on the top shelf

Sometimes you have to improvise to get what you want, even if it means climbing a store shelf.

2. The "dangling feet dance"

That moment your feet refuse to touch the ground, due to your height.

3. Not being able to see over the steering wheel

The struggle is real.

4. Running after your friends 

Dear friends with extremely long legs, please walk slowly or at our pace.  This will prevent us from having to sprint after you.

5. Looking up to tall people when having a conversation

Two words...neck pain.

6. Standing on your tippy toes

Dear tall people, please be a bit considerate of short people and allow us to stand in front of you.

7. Constantly being called short

Short girls don’t need a reminder of how short they are, we are well aware of it.

8. People using you as an arm rest

You know what...just don’t do this. Ever.

Although short girls are unable to reach things that are placed on high shelves, we are amazing at problem solving because we always find a way.