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5 Ways to Save Money in College

When you think of a typical college student two words tend to pop into people’s heads; broke and stressed. Here are a few tips to get rid of the broke stereotype.

1. Stop going out to eat

Eating out is extremely expensive. If you have a meal plan at your school, take full advantage of it. You are paying for it so do not waste your money at a restaurant. If you do not have a meal plan try to start meal prepping. This is a great way to always have food ready during your busy schedule. Also, there are so many different combinations of meals that you can make, so you will never be bored with your dinner!


2. Don’t buy your textbooks before the semester starts

I know that sounds irresponsible but think about it, when during syllabus week are you told to open up to page 23 and begin reading?  Now, unless a professor specifically reaches out to your class that you must have a certain textbook by this certain day obviously listen, but if not, wait a little. In so many of my classes I never even needed my “required” textbooks. Or, if you do need a textbook see if you can rent an eBook. They tend to be much cheaper and then there is no need to lug around a giant text book all day. Also, renting an eBook is so much easier as there is no need to remember to return your textbook by that pesky due date. One more tip is, do not be afraid to ask your friends or classmates that already took the class if you could borrow their textbook. You would be surprised at how many students are willing to help out a friend.

3. Use your student discounts

Did you know, if you pay for the student discount on Spotify, you also receive a Hulu and ShowTime membership for no additional charge? Like Spotify there are numerous other websites and stores that offer student discounts. Companies with these offers include, Amazon, Zaful, Chipotle and more! Keep your eyes peeled and you will get so many amazing deals for just being a student.

4. Ditch your gym membership

If your school has a gym included with your tuition,  avoid your costly membership and get your sweat on at school. The school gym most likely has all the same equipment as the gym you spend a monthly fee on. Use the resources your school gives you!

5. Avoid daily coffee runs

A three-dollar coffee everyday can put a surprisingly large dent in your bank account. Instead, opt to make your coffee at home or in the dorm. It is so much cheaper and plus you can then use a cute travel mug and bring it with you to class.

With these five simple tips, you’ll be on your way to having some extra money in your bank account. Happy saving!


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