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5 Tips for Waking Up Early in the Morning

For most people, especially the college student population, waking up early is not a natural routine. I am a night owl.  I am not a morning person, and when I do have to wake up early I always get nervous that I may wake up late and miss my alarm. I do my homework at night when I wish I was sleeping. However, I am better able to focus when the day is over and the only thing I have to worry about is my school work. Although lately, I have been doing some field work hours early in the morning. Here is how I get myself out of bed.

1. Buy Coffee

I am a coffee fanatic. I will drink any coffee any time of the day.  If I know I have to wake up early I will buy a coffee the night before and put it in my fridge (I prefer iced coffee.) When I know I have something to look forward to it becomes easier get ready for the day.

2. Prepare

I have found that it is easier to wake up early when I tell myself it is important that I get up the night before. Along with this, picking out my outfit for the day and packing my lunch when needed helps start the day on the right foot.

3. Set an alarm

I know this one sounds rather obvious, but it’s useful. It is such a disappointment when you wake up late and miss something important when you thought you had set an alarm. Life gets busy and we all forget to do things every once in a while. Before bed double check that you have set an alarm (and have your volume on!!)

4. Go to sleep

Sleep is crucial for our daily functioning. When I do not get enough sleep the prior night I find myself falling asleep in classes, taking a nap when I should be doing homework, and I feel unmotivated.  Getting at least 6 hours is nice, but really we should be getting 7-8 hours!

5. Be proud of yourself

Waking up early is not always easy, so when you do manage a day where you had to wake up early be proud of yourself! You did it! I had to wake up extremely early for my job over the summer and I ended up being happier and more productive.

Waking up early everyday may not be for everyone, but these are some tricks that have personally helped. I do not have to wake up early every day, but when I do, bribing myself with a iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts usually works. Rise and Shine!



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