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Swifties are thrilled to see Taylor re-releasing her first six albums to claim her rights to them, and honestly, they sound better than ever. Her voice is more mature, you can still feel the emotions in the song, and what’s best about it is that it's all her. In re-releasing Fearless (Taylor’s Version) she pulled songs from the Fearless vault making the album 26 songs instead of the original 13, making room for more love to Fearless. I have always been a huge fan of Taylor, and she never lets me down each time she releases a new album. Some people are hit or miss when it comes to Taylor, it seems like you either love her or you hate her. However, you know if you hate her that there are those few songs that you will dance and sing along to every time they come on. In hoping to gain more Swifties, I decided to compile a list of five Taylor songs that you need to add to your playlist right now. They are not all Taylor’s version at the moment, but as soon as she re-releases them the original song will be coming off my playlist, and her version will replace it of course. 


Bye Bye Baby (Taylor’s Version)

This song was pulled from the Fearless vault in the release of her album, however, I am shocked and curious as to why the song never made the final cut when it came to originally releasing the album. As soon as the song came on I fell in love with it. It is my favorite song from the vault, and although it’s not an upbeat and dancing song you cannot help but sing along passionately with her.

Cruel Summer

“Cruel Summer” is my favorite song on her album Lover. I am obsessed with every part of this song and I will listen to it ten times in a row and I will never be sick of it. I saw this TikTok not too long ago and it is part of that trend where the person says something along the lines of what is one song that could bring you back from the dead, and the person acts like they are laying at a funeral and “Cruel Summer” started playing and the person arose, and honestly I think it’s the truth. It may very well be my favorite song of hers, but it's almost impossible to pick just one.


When I first listened to Speak Now “Haunted” quickly became my favorite song on the album. It has almost a gothic undertone to it which makes it feel truly haunted. It feels a bit different from the rest of the songs on the album, but it is a good difference and it still fits in with the rest. This is one of the songs I am most excited about when it comes to the re-releasing of those six albums.

  Should’ve Said No

This song is a break-up anthem that will never fail to make me scream the lyrics at the top of my lungs. “Should’ve Said No” was released on Taylor’s debut album, which means if you guess Country Taylor then you are correct. She has the country twang in the song and you can feel her rage over a cheating partner in the song. Whether you are actually going through a breakup or not, this song should be added to your everyday anthems.

  No Body, No Crime (Featuring HAIM)

When I saw the title of this song off the Evermore album I almost automatically knew I was going to love it. As a true crime fanatic, I could not contain myself. It tells the story of a murder mystery in a sequence that seems like a perfect story. It's catchy, and you cannot help but sing along to it when it comes on. She wrote it for her love for true crime and drama stories and even incorporated her friend Este’s name into the song (from the band HAIM). It is such the perfect murder mystery that when Crime Junkie podcast covered a case based on the song as an April Fool’s joke, I still believed them and thought “oh this must be the case that Taylor based her song on!” The song is truly a perfect horror story, in Taylor’s most beautiful voice making it one of my favorites that she has ever written.

Okay, now that you have seen my list what are you doing? Go add them to your playlist now! 

Hi! My name is Jessica! I am technically an English major, but I am in the Childhood Education program and I am going to be an elementary school teacher. I have always loved writing so, I am taking my personal hobby to the next level. I am a cat mom of two adorable kitties, and I am also a plant mom. I run an etsy shop where I sell products that I sew by hand with love. I think everyone should do what they love without caring what other people think. You are all beautiful and unique in your own ways. :)
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