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5 Recommendations to Avoid The Existential Dread of Quarantine


Hey, this pandemic sure is something huh? The only plus side is that while our youth slowly passes us by, we have plenty of free time to enjoy some media to distract us from that fact. So as my ridiculous version of community service I have created a list of random recommendations to help make your time slightly more enjoyable and slightly less soul-crushing. If you would like to tell me my opinions are sh*t please email me at patrickyouropinonsarebad@gmail.com and yes that is a real email, I am dedicated to the meme. 

Fangs by Sarah Andersen

Fangs is a webcomic written and illustrated by the very talented Sarah Anderson. You might have seen some of her previous comic Sarah’s Scribbles hanging up around campus. Fangs is a romance comic following the relationship between Elsie a vampire and Jimmy a werewolf. The webcomic has officially ended at 77 issues which makes now a great time to get into the series. You can read the entire series for free at Tapas and if you really enjoy it you can buy a hardcover copy of it. It’s short, sweet, and surprisingly wholesome for a monster comic.

Cloud Nine by LIMBO

Cloud Nine is an album by musical artist LIMBO. I would describe her style as a pop/lofi mix. My favorite song on this album is Haunting a heart-wrenching song that I will admit made me cry once. She makes her own beats, sings, and mixes her own music. Truly a one-woman operation. I don’t really want to give you a play by play on each song. Give it a listen and I hope you enjoy it.

Satanic Panic

An exclusive movie from the horror Netflix streaming service Shudder. Do you want to avoid the real-life horror movie that is 2020 by instead watching a cheesy on purpose slasher movie? Have I got the product for you. Following Sam, a first-day pizza delivery driver who ends up delivering to a house full of Satanists wishing to sacrifice her, she must now survive their onslaught with the daughter of the cult leader. (Author’s Note I have been told by my publisher that I must give an official statement that I have nothing against Satanists and they are really fun at parties). It's gory and at times hilarious. So use a free trial on Shudder to watch it then cancel before you have to pay.

Monster Prom by Beautiful Glitch

Have you ever wanted to date a monster boy/girl without being ostracized by your parents? Have I got the game for you. A relatively cheap dating sim on steam you play a new student to a high school for monsters and your only job is to find a date to prom. Will it be the Himbo Werewolf, the James Dean-esc Demon from hell, the Girl Boss medusa, or a weeaboo Cthulhu monster? It is also multiplayer so grab some friends and date some monsters. Also, the sequel Monster Camp is coming out soon so this is a perfect time to try the series.

The End of the F***ing World

A Netflix series following James who is probably a sociopath and Alyssa a brash new girl at Jame’s highschool. James, originally seeing Alyssa as a possible victim, soon develops feelings for Alyssa and a road trip ensues. It’s British so you get some good accents and some Tom Floory. Look it’s great and rather heartwarming at times.

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