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With spring comes a whole new list of movies that are going to be released in theaters! Over the next couple of months, there are going to be so many new movies of all different genres and storylines! Here are just few movies to add to your watch list.

1. Breaking In

This movie is all about a mother who is willing to do everything that she can in order to protect her children after they are being held hostage in a house full of high-level security. This movie comes to theaters just before Mother’s Day on May 11th and it would be the perfect movie to watch with you mom (especially if she is a very protective mom)!

2. Life of the Party

If you are a Melissa McCarthy fan, good news, she’s back in this movie! This movie tells the story of a woman whose husband has just left her and she’s making some big changes in her life because of it; she’s going back to college. To make it even better, the woman ends up in the same class as her teenage daughter! Just from the looks of the trailer, this movie definitely looks like it will keep you laughing up until the very end. This movie comes to theaters on May 11th.

3. Book Club

Like any other book club, this one has picked a story to read and discuss among each other. Which story have they picked? 50 Shades of Grey! This group of 4 lifelong friends now must tackle this book with all of the humor possible! This movie seems like the best movie to see with group of girlfriends! This movie will be released on May 18th.

4. The Incredibles 2

If you really want to feel nostalgic about your childhood, this is the perfect movie to do that! After over a decade, this movie might be one of the few that fills the theater with people of all ages! In this movie, Bob and Jack-Jack are trying to figure out how to live a normal life that is not surrounded by superpowers. You can find out if they can figure it all out on June 15th when this movie comes to theaters.

5. The First Purge

If you are a fan of The Purge movies, you definitely don’t want to miss this one. This movie is going to take us back to the the very beginning of what was originally known as the “Purge Experiment”. What was intended on being just a once in a lifetime event has turned into an annual event. Unlike other horror films, this one is taking us back in time to show us how it all began. This movie comes to theaters on July 4th.

Start making your list of movies you want to see and round up a group of friends to watch with you! Best part is, these are only just a few of the exciting movies coming up!


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