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4 Random Facts to Impress People With


Let’s say you are with a group of friends and you want to impress them with a random piece of information to appear smart and cool well this is a list of 4 of them. Facts are fun in the sense that while you might have taken three years of Spanish and not retained a bit of it, but you can remember that the CEO of Costco when asked by a subordinate on if they could raise the price of their hotdog and drink combo which has been $1.50 since the store was created in 1984 since they were losing money on it the CEO simply replied: “I will F***ing kill you”. That is true and also a free extra fact. Dumb facts like that are amazing for filling the awkward silence in a room or for example writing an article for a club when you have no creativity and it is due tomorrow. So here are four of them to keep in your back pocket and throw out whenever you feel the want. 

  1. 1. was the first-ever dating website created in 1995. Back then the idea of online dating was unheard of since you know it hadn’t been invented yet so to populate the website the founder Reginald T. that’s not true the founder Gary Kremen had every employee of the company including himself and his girlfriend make accounts on the website. The fun fact from this is the fact that Gary’s girlfriend left him for a man she met on So whenever someone mentions online dating hit them with that hilarious piece of irony. Another random fact I found out while double-checking that the above fact was true was that Gary was sued someone because Gary registered the domain and someone fraudulently stole that domain and profited off it. So Gary sued and was awarded 65 million dollars. So that’s another Gary Kremen based fact for you. 

  2. 2. Limewire

    Limewire was a peer to peer file sharing client or a P2P that was originally released in 2000. In practice, Limewire was a tool to pirate music and set the music industry on fire. During its run, it tried to go legit with a subscription service called Limewire Pro which was supposed to help make sure you did not download viruses and the files were labeled correctly. The early internet was insane. Anyway the fun fact of this is that you could at the time pirate Limewire Pro on Limewire. So if the topic of early two thousand piracy software ever comes up there is a nice fact to throw into the conversation. 

  3. 3. Room Raider

    In 2004 MTV aired a dating show called Room Raiders in which contestants would pick who they wanted to go on a date with by digging through the possible choices rooms and just kinda touching all their stuff. Bonkers enough as the existence of this show is the fun fact is that a pre-high school musical Zac Effron was on that show. Some of the highlights of that were when he said the girl he was looking for would look like “a young Catherine Zeta-Jones” and he spent the entirety of the episode talking about his mother. If you want to lose your hope in humanity just watch an episode of any dating show aired on MTV and you will realize that love is dead. So here is a random fact if anyone brings updating shows and/or Zac Efron.

  4. 4. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Sonic the Hedgehog might be the second most recognizable video game mascot of all time only behind Mario. Sonic was the creation of SEGA and his first game was in 1991. The bizarre fact was that the Japanese developers based his personality on the then campaigning Bill Clinton. That is where he got his love of chili dogs and his “get it done” personality. His shoes were based on Micheal Jackson and the blue came from SEGA’s logo. While being the most 90s thing to ever exist Sonic is still wildly popular so apparently the combination of Bill Clinton, Micheal Jackson, and blue is profitable so just keep that in mind. So if you ever want to impress that gamer boy/girl/anything one else in your life hit them with that fact. For context sake, this was before the whole Monica Lewinsky thing went down. Actually for a laugh just look up Bill Clinton in the 90s dude was playing the sax on Arsenio Hall and just generally being the 90s personified as a southern politician.  


In conclusion, random facts are fun and with the power of Google, anyone can just derail a conversation with random tidbits from the wild history of the world. So google some random stuff and then email it to me at [email protected]. Hope you are having a good day and remember why to learn anything important when instead you can have brain cells dedicated to the knowledge that JFK once told the Prime Minister of Germany that if he did not have sex at least “3 to 4 times a day” he would get migraines.