3 fun things to do in fall with your boyfriend


Everyone in a relationship knows this is the best time of year because you can do so many things and get all the cute pictures! 


Here are my top favorite things to do with my boyfriend.

  1. 1. Apple Picking

    This is one of my favorite activities because you get to walk around picking apples with your significant other and taking cute pictures together while and you can bring those apples home to make an apple pie together, it’s the perfect fall day together! oh, and don’t forget the apple cider!

  2. 2. Pumpkin Patch

    Whether you carve or paint your pumpkins, this is such a fun day together, finding the perfect two pumpkins while walking through the pumpkin patch is so much fun! Afterwards you get to go home put on a scary movie and paint or carve the pumpkins together! 

  3. 3. Haunted Hayride

    This is my personal favorite! Sitting on the scary hayride right next to your boyfriend is in some odd way very comforting. Knowing your boyfriend is “protecting” you from all the scary things on the ride is the best part especially when you jump from every little scary.


I hope this encourages you to take your boyfriend out on a cute date right before the fall season is over! Enjoy!