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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and longer and sunnier days on their way (hopefully); love is once again in the air and more prominent than ever. Flowers historically have been used as messengers to express feelings of love and affection. They also symbolize different feelings, so let’s dive into the language of flowers this Valentine’s season and make your gift-giving experience as vibrant as these enchanting blossoms.

Spoiler alert: This list does not include roses (my apologies to all the traditionalists).

Tulips: The harbingers of perfect love.

Elegant representations of spring, they are not only a sight for sore eyes but also messengers of
deep and perfect love. Picturesque fields of tulips swaying in the breeze echoing the sentiments
of eternal passion are definitely something to reminisce about during this season of love. Red tulips steal
the show, symbolizing an unbreakable bond and fiery passion. On the more gentle side, pink tulips are like a gentle embrace of affection and care.

Lilacs: A symphony of first love and passion.
These fragrant blooms tell vibrant tales of budding romance. Purple lilacs are shy and gentle, like butterflies, symbolizing the first feelings of love. Much like the excitement of a crush, they prove to
be wonderful symbols of emerging love and affection. For an extra dash of intensity, magenta
and pink lilacs are rare gems that scream passion and profound devotion since they are on the
warmer side of the color palette.

Sunflowers: Beaming with sincerity and loyalty.

Now hear me out: sunflowers may seem like a peculiar option for Valentine’s, but they are in fact
a radiant beacon of sincerity and loyalty. Much like the tranquil feeling of lasting love, sunflowers symbolize unwavering devotion and a love that lasts until the end, just like in the fairytales. These golden blooms capture the essence of admiration, making them the perfect messenger for expressing pure and genuine feelings.

Hydrangeas: Embracing emotion and apology.
Originating from the enchanting gardens of Japan, hydrangeas prove to be eloquent messengers of emotion. Pink hydrangeas speak the language of love and sincere emotion, offering a delicate expression of your deepest feelings. On the other hand, blue hydrangeas convey forgiveness and regret, allowing for a heartfelt apology and a hopeful reunion with your loved one.

Orchids: Love and beauty in every petal.
Love and beauty shimmer and dance in every delicate petal that makes up orchids. Universally
recognized as symbols of love, they make a statement that doesn’t go unheard. In Japanese
culture, these graceful flowers also signify fertility, celebrating the vibrant cycle of life. Gift
orchids to express the timeless beauty of love and the hope for a future filled with joy.

As you embark on your Valentine’s Day flower journey, consider crafting a personalized
bouquet. Mix and match whatever speaks to you the most. Let this be a guide, but more
importantly, follow your heart, as it conveys the depths of your emotions. Let your feelings be the
adornment that brings the simple yet elegant flowers depth and a poetic declaration of love.

Currently a sophomore Biology major on the pre-PA track at UTD.