The Zodiac Signs as Popular Thanksgiving Dishes

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and in the spirit of eating a ton of food all day, I starting thinking about how our astrological signs relate to some of the classic dishes you'll find at any Thanksgiving dinner. If you love Thanksgiving food and horoscopes, keep reading to find out what Thanksgiving dish your star sign is! 

Aquarius: Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet potato casserole is a blend of savory and indulgent ingredients that is sure to impress anyone that tries it -- just like your sign. You’re a sweet and caring person that loves to have a good time, but more importantly, you BRING the good time. The party don’t start till sweet potato casserole comes in *cue Kesha’s "Tik Tok"*.

Pisces: Homemade Rolls

Pisces are mellow and adaptive to their surroundings. You can excel in any situation that you’re put into, which is why homemade rolls suit you perfectly. You love to be complex and dressed up, but you also value the time to simply be by yourself. Homemade rolls are great no matter what you put on them or don’t put on them. You are total comfort food and love to make those around you feel better, making you a total a staple in everyone’s dinner plans.

Aries: Spiced Apples

Aries are sweethearts with a fiery side, so it’s no surprise that they’d be a dish that encompasses both aspects of their personality. You tend to go a little over the top when you’re passionate about something, so apples flambéed with spiced rum has the perfect balance of sweetness, flair, and flavor to embody the Aries personality.  

Taurus: Pumpkin Pie

Taurus people are classic, simple, and sweet, just like an original pumpkin pie recipe.  You make friends without even trying, and people are attracted to your charisma. You’re an instant favorite because you bring variety and spice to the table -- plus you make people feel good when they’re around you.

Gemini: A New Pinterest Recipe

Always one to seek excitement and try new things, Geminis are the trendy and successful Thanksgiving Pinterest recipe. From baked brie, pecan cheesecake, or stuffed mushrooms, Pinterest recipes always get people talking, just as a Gemini would. You have a talent for the creative, so you know your dish (as random as it might be) will be a smashing success.

Cancer: Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Cancers are the most sensitive and outwardly emotional sign in the zodiac, but most of the time they’re very easygoing.  You have the ease and simplicity of a classic mashed potato recipe but still have a bit of a kick like garlic. You are satisfying and easy to be around and get along with nearly everyone.

Leo: Turkey

You love to be the star of the show, which is why you’re the turkey, Leo. You seek the spotlight, but most of the time you don’t even have to because it always seems to find you anyway. The turkey is always the biggest dish in the room, just like your personality. You’re very ambitious by nature, just as preparing and cooking a gigantic bird for a room full of people is.

Virgo: Stuffing

Jack of all trades, master of ALL. Just like the huge amount of variations in stuffing, Virgos are very multifaceted beings who aim to excel. Stuffing with sweet potatoes? Great. With Mushrooms? Cool. With cranberries? Even better. You are natural born people pleasers who can adapt to make the best of any situation you’re thrown into and can get along with anyone.

Libra: Harvest Salad

 Libras are very laid back people, but they’re direct about what they want. You look for harmony and balance in life, and by doing so you add variety in your everyday life to experience multiple perspectives. A harvest salad can have as many or as little fall-based ingredients in it to get the perfect blend of flavors.

Scorpio: Cranberry Sauce

Being sweet and bitter simultaneously is a talent only you possess, Scorpio. You add flavor and elegance when paired with many of the other Thanksgiving dishes, but you can be a little overpowering by yourself. You bring out the better side of people and add vibrancy wherever you go. Dinner (and life) would be duller without you.

Sagittarius: Wine

Sagittarius is the self-assured cool kid without trying. Just as a nice bottle of red helps to spark the flow of conversation and spirit, you charm those around you and make them want to be around you more and more. You’re classic, sophisticated, and fun to be around but can occasionally be apathetic towards others feelings. You have a way of helping others let loose, which is why people love to have you around.   

Capricorn: Hors D’Oeuvres

As a Capricorn, you strive for excellence and elegance. Being the best or most impressive is important to you, but you don’t tend to stick with tradition. Hors D’Oeuvres are the variety of elegant finger foods that everyone loves to have before dinner actually starts. You set the bar high for everyone else, because who could really compete with a charcuterie bar full of cheese imported from France or an olive tapenade? You bring your A game every time. 

Everyone loves a good Thanksgiving dinner, and now you can speculate what star signs your distant relatives are based on which dish they most resemble. Happy Holidays, Utes! 

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