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The beauty of shopping on Etsy is not only that you can find almost anything you want
(and everything you didn’t know you needed) but that you are also most likely supporting a
small business owner. While shopping on Etsy you come across thousands of home made
items, art projects, and unique finds. Even if they aren’t homemade items, buying a more popular
item through someone’s individual shop, is still helping out the small business owner way more
than if you were to buy the same item on Amazon!

So this article is dedicated to all the Etsy witches out there who are in need of a new
Tarot Deck! Need a last-minute holiday gift? Or maybe you didn’t get all you wanted this holiday season? So it’s time to now gift a deck to yourself! I reviewed some fantastic tarot decks over the last month that are from a few different creators and shops that I thought were worth sharing. So coming from a professional tarot reader and hoarder of witchy things these tarot decks are Witch Approved.

I will begin with the tarot deck that is perfect for beginners. This specific version of the
classic Rider Waite Tarot is ideal for those just starting their tarot journey or for anyone who has
trouble with memorization. Each card in this deck has keywords next to each image to help you
with your divination studies. A lot of beginner readers tend to spend money on guides that help
teach them the meaning of each tarot card and this deck helps solve that issue! With the perfect
amount of detail and information on each card, this deck will keep you in the know without
overwhelming you with information for those who are just starting! You can find this deck on
Etsy by RowanAndElm. Jessica is the creator of this deck and Etsy shop and she was just a joy
to work with. Her shop has over two thousand five star reviews and it’s easy to see why. The image clarity on this deck is high quality while still having a vintage and aged look to each card. This gives the cards a more magical feel to them while still having a modern twist with information to study the tarot terms.

Next is the Tarot of The Cosmic Seed. Now this deck is absolutely stunning. This has to
be the most vibrant tarot deck I’ve ever worked with. Rich colors of blues, pinks and orange fill
this deck surrounding modern and diverse figures. This deck is inspired by the symbolism of the
traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck but does not recreate it. Instead it shows us a world of
different cultures and people living in a space of radiant magic and dramatic movement.
Another wonderful detail about this deck is that it has gilded sapphire holographic edges, which
really bring out the quality of these cards and make them that much more impressive to work

The Tarot of The Cosmic Seed was created by the talented Lalania Simone. I got my
deck through her Etsy store SacredCosmicSeed but her Etsy shop is on vacation at the
moment. But you can get this beautiful deck at her website www.cosmicseedsacredgoods.com
where you can also find her Oracle deck (available for pre-order), gorgeous canvas tote bags,
notebooks, and sticks all created with her amazing artwork.

The next tarot deck I want to talk about can only be described as adorable. Blooming
Cat Tarot
is a 90 card deck that includes not only the major and minor arcana but comes with 12
zodiac cards as well! Now what makes this deck stand apart from the rest? Well it’s cat and
flower themed! This is the perfect tarot deck for those looking for something cute and
wholesome to add to their collection. I also think this would be a wonderful introduction
deck to those readers who are a little bit younger. This brightly colored deck comes with a guide
book to get started and the card stock, once broken in, is surprisingly easy to shuffle and work with.

You can find this whimsical kitty deck on Etsy at CosmicEyeTarot. I talked with Jennifer,
the owner of the CosmicEyeTarot shop, and she was great to work with. Her shop has almost a
thousand five star reviews and her Etsy shop is filled with adorable and magical divination decks, tarot bags, witchy tools and jewelry. So if you’re not only witchy – but a crazy cat lady as well – go check out the Blooming Cat Tarot at CosmicEyeTarot!

The Regal Shadows Tarot is quite different in energy than the tarot decks I’ve described
so far. The black and beige cards are of beautiful old fashioned figures drawn with incredible
detail, while still seeming simple and classic. Making this a lovely addition to my collection, and
any other tarot lovers collections as well. The Regal Shadows Tarot isn’t exactly a Pip Deck but
there is a Pip like quality to the minor arcana. Similar themes and creatures cover the four suit
cards in the minor arcana with subtle, yet strongly effective images and energy. Each card is delicately beautiful and unique from one another while still seeming strongly united as a deck.
Each figure on every card seduces the reader with their beauty, while still giving off the energy
that they wish not to be observed. The aesthetic of the Regal Shadow is, well, just that. Regal in
its darkness and simplicity.

I got my deck from the Etsy shop HTF4Tarot where they have multiple other tarot decks,
some of similar energy, some more traditional. Go check out this shop and all the beautiful
decks they have to offer, and read through some of their amazing reviews. Helpful tip, I’ve
noticed that a lot of the tarot decks from this shop are often on sale for a great price!

This next deck might be called The 5cent Tarot, but its whimsical images and its vintage
charm make it worth checking out. Available on Etsy at MotelGiftShop, The 5cent tarot is
inspired by Victorian era poster art which gives it a mood of elegance and sophistication.
Elegant as this deck is, its imagery of whimsy animals and insects give it a playful quality that I
haven’t seen in many decks before. I would have to say that this deck is not one for beginning
tarot readers, but for those more advanced. As fun and unique as these cards are, they don’t
seem to have much of the traditional Rider-Wait-Smith symbolism through them. This tarot
decks version of the minor arcana differs from tradition as well with pentacles changed to
buttons, wands to matches, swords to needles, and the traditional cups are now lovely vintage
teacups. These changes are delightful but belong alongside the more advanced reader who’s
looking for a different sort of magic. So you might have to pay a bit more than 5 cents, it’s true, but this deck is well worth considering for the holidays while shopping for your witchy, tarot-collecting friends.

So the next Etsy shop I’d like to mention is iN2ITOracle, which I’m sure you guessed,
creates oracle decks! iN2ITOracle also creates tarot decks but I chose to review a few of their
oracle decks as they are some of iN2ITOracle’s best sellers! This shop, and all of their products
are created by Kimberley Aria and Debbie Dubois who happen to be two best friends who have
such a passion for their products and shop. They were just wonderful to work with and you can
really tell just from receiving their decks that they put so much love into what they create.
I personally love reading with their Zodiac 108 Oracle, which is a deck with imagery of
objects that were inspired by the Zodiac – and express the energy of each sign. This deck comes with a total of 132 cards made up of objects, people, seasons, and life stages as well as nine yes or no outcome cards! I personally like to layer Oracle cards when I give a more detailed tarot reading and these cards work really well for those types of readings – as each one of them are so detailed in imagery and have a helpful list of keywords on every card!
Looking to ask the oracle specifically about romance? Check out iN2ITOracles Twin
Flame deck
which is made completely for passion and love. This deck helps you answer any
questions you might have about your relationships but might also help you grow with your
partner. It’s a fantastic addition to my collection with the amount of clients who come to me asking about their love life.

Every tarot card in every deck is a piece of art. It’s one of the reasons so many readers
love to collect different decks. So if you’re a big fan of the beautiful little details and symbolism in
traditional tarot decks, you might really enjoy collecting decks inspired by famous artists
throughout history. The Klimt Tarot has taken Gustav Klimt’s beautiful paintings and turned his
famous subjects of the female form into absolutely stunning tarot cards. The gold foil and high
quality card stock has made this deck a pleasure to work with.

Now this is a very popular mass produced deck, but I chose to get my copy from an Etsy
seller. MyMysticMoonShop has the Klimt Tarot for sale as well as many other beautiful and
interesting decks. Anna runs MyMysticMoonShop and is working on creating an original deck
and is trying to get it published. She opened her Etsy shop because of her passion for
tarot cards and divination, and hopefully with the love and support she receives from her
shop, she’ll be able to publish her very own deck as soon as possible. So go check out her shop
to discover the many treasures she offers there!

Now last but not least is The Audacity Deck by ThePineTorch – and this is truly a deck for
the collectors. This tarot deck is an absolute spoof, so probably not made for the beginning
reader who is interested in traditions, but this deck is for every tarot reader who is looking for a
good laugh. These cards are equal parts goofy as they are gorgeous. Silly cards like “The
Audacity” and “The Zero Of Fucks” are created on high quality card stock with beautiful gilded
edges of silver and sparkles. Now I might not be using this deck to give readings to any of my clients… but the young, modern, and witchy vibes of this deck are so aesthetically pleasing that I think imagery alone is reason enough to add this deck to your collection. If you want to pull The Audacity Deck out on a girls night to have a good laugh with your friends, get on Etsy and go to ThePineTorch to order this quirky deck and check out the rest of their amazing products.

Well there you go. In time for the holidays! Any of these breathtaking tarot decks
would make a wonderful gift for you or a friend – or if you didn’t get a tarot deck as a present and you want to gift yourself one! They also support creators and artists who are working on their craft in a very competitive world. Any chance you get to support their passion, while adding to yours is a good enough reason to shop on Etsy in my book!

Prepared by Michal Mitchell & Stevie Mitchell, Written by Stevie Mitchell

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Stevie Mitchell is a graduate from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Theatre Studies. Her poetry has been published in City Weekly: Poets Corner, and the University of Utah's literary journal: The Canticle. She spends her time reading to better understand the world, and writing to better understand herself.