Your Spring Break as Told by Parks and Rec

Everybody can agree that spring break is pretty great. It is a much-needed break from the troubles and demands of school, and it can really be a blast if you do it right. No matter what you decided to do for spring break, you probably had some great times and some not so awesome times. For most of us, spring break, at one point or another, probably looked like a sitcom like The Office or Friends, so here is a list of your spring break highlights as told by the wonderful cast and characters of Parks and Recreation.


1. That moment where you finally get to leave school and start having fun -


2. Making plans with all of your friends/fam about what you're gonna do -


3. After you finally finish packing everything that you own -


4. Driving to wherever you are going -


5. Realizing that you haven't gotten a proper night's sleep in like 3 months - 


6. Waking up later than you wanted, and realizing half of your day plans had to be canceled because of the above -


7. Going way too hard on the first day -


8. Recovering on the second day -


9. Going hard again -

10. When you are sick of socializing, and wish you could just sit in your own bed, and watch TV for like 14 hours straight, but you have to keep going -


11. Going hard one more time because you are not ready to go back to school -

12. Packing to go home (or at least your version of home for the next few months of Spring semester)-


13. The drive home -


14. Realizing you didn't do homework for the whole break, and you have to do it all Sunday night -


15. Sleeping in your own bed for the first time in 9 days -


16. Having to go to school the next day -



Now that spring break is over, and we are finally on the home stretch of this crazy spring semester, let’s get out there and finish strong (and try not to waste too much time watching TV).



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