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Your New Fall Favorite’s — The Ultimate Fall Shopping Guide

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Welcome one, welcome all to my fall 2021 gift guide! Is your wardrobe lacking that fall pizzazz? Are you struggling to find the perfect fall or holiday gift? Well, I can get you started. There are several brands I’ve fallen in love with this season, and I’m sure you will too. Here are the best brands to go to in search of new fall staples.


You’ll need some dazzling bracelets to wear over your sweaters and some elegant necklaces to complete the look. That’s why I recommend Monica Vinader jewelry. Monica Vinader is a high-end jewelry brand that has some of the most gorgeous pieces that go with every outfit. Seriously, this brand’s jewelry is magnificent — you can see and feel the quality! My favorite designs are the Fiji Diamond Mini Bar Bracelet and the Signature Gold Bangle. You can even add a custom engraving to some of their bracelets! Making the gift, even for yourself, more unique. They’ll also package and gift wrap your order in a beautiful box and bag, so it’s perfect as a gift for a loved one — or for yourself of course!


Who doesn’t love a cozy pair of snug boots? MOU handcrafts its amazingly soft and warm footwear to perfection! I especially love their eskimo booties — their eskimo 24 wool fabric is my latest obsession! The “eskimo is made with deep, soft, sheepskin lining, a supportive heel counter and an EVA & rubber outdoor sole” to make your fall and winter super cozy. Simply put, it feels as if you’re walking on a cloud. I recommend their eskimo 24 wool fabric boot, but they also have super warm slippers, perfect for your next winter gift!

Michelle Moore Designs

Another fashion favorite of mine is socks — and not any ordinary socks, naturally botanical dyed socks. They come in a range of colors based on the flowers and plants that Michelle Moore uses to dye these cute and comfortable bamboo socks! They also make the most vibrant bandanas! They have “a natural botanical hand-dyed design, using both natural dye and ethically sourced bamboo material. The dye consists of a variety of plant matter that is steamed into the fabric in small batches, limiting the use of excess water, eliminating chemical waste and leaving only compostable organic material behind.” I recommend their “Woodstock” Naturally Dyed Bamboo Socks as a perfect gift for your friend, family member, or yourself! The Bundle Dye Kit is also a unique and special gift to give this holiday season because not only can you dye the cotton bandana it comes with, but it comes with the flowers needed to dye a piece of your own clothing too. And if you want something a bit more magical, you can get your very own Enchanted Mushroom Ornament for your holiday tree or simply a beautiful decoration for your bedroom! You can get a pair of her wonderfully designed socks, bandanas, or ornaments at michellemooredesigns.com or at freepeople.com


This fall you need an excellently designed watch to rest on your wrist right over the sleeve of your favorite sweater. I love this brand and their unique watch designs. I’ve mostly been wearing my personal favorite, (the LUNA Jade Watch in Yellow Gold) and I can’t get enough of it. I love the jade-green color with it’s beautiful diamond shape. Some additional favorite designs of mine are their NEBULA Tiger Eye watch and their UMBRA Pearl watch — both of which have very pretty colors that are unique to VANNA! According to the brand, their designs are “inspired by the natural phenomena of the universe, high-quality metals are mixed with bold-hued dials and natural gemstones to bring an artistic touch to your wrist.” Indeed it does! You’ll have the beauty of time on your wrist.


If you’re like me, you like to keep your feet warm when up and around the house, but then want to keep them free under the covers on the couch. Pantuss slippers are one of my favorite slippers to wear because they are light and easy to slip on, plus cute and stylish. And they’re aromatherapy heatable slippers too! These aren’t your ordinary pair of slippers — Pantuss slippers “have removable insoles filled with seeds and refreshing lavender flowers that can be heated for 30 seconds in the microwave and wear your warm Pantuss.” Ah, relaxing… My absolute favorite slipper will always be the Pantuss Slide in their Moo color. I also love their slide slippers in Pink! Getting up and out of the covers on those rainy movie nights means slipping in and out of your slippers to keep your feet warm. Since these are slide-ons and they’re extremely light yet warm, they are my most-used slipper in the fall! When it gets really cold during the snowy days in the winter, I opt for something a bit warmer, like the Pantuss Booties and Patagonia Line slippers in Yellow! Not only are they cozy on their own, but they’ll be extra cozy when I pop those booties’ removable insoles in the microwave!

Sea Witch Botanicals

It’s fall, which means plenty of candles. This fall and winter, you can’t get just any regular candle — I mean, you could, but it wouldn’t be as magical as Sea Witch Botanicals amazing essential oil candles. I absolutely love their Quoth the Raven Candleaah, orange and cinnamon scented… Not only do their candles feature an awesome animal design, but they are natural and vegan! According to Sea Witch Botanicals, their “wooden-wick candles are made of soy wax and rice bran oil and scented with pure, plant-based essential oils. Their lovely glass jars can be easily reused for a multitude of purposes.” I’ll certainly be reusing my designed jar for any witchy shenanigans I may be getting into in the future!

Statement Home

So you’ll have your witchy candles, but now it’s time for the pieces that will really make a statement when people walk through your home. The perfectly-named Statement Home is the place to get your “Jack of All Trays.” As in, they have the perfect tray for treats, drinks, whatever it may be — that changes with you and the season! Choose a tray from their selection of clear, black, or white, and then pick out a few reversible inserts! You can put in a Halloween insert for the fall and then flip the insert for Christmas time. Or are you planning for the big game day? They have inserts that are perfect for your favorite team! Whether you want their lovely insert designs for all-year round or you’re eyeing a holiday insert for your new tray, they have the perfect design for you! 

How did this amazing idea start? Because, seriously, I now have one tray for every event or holiday! According to CEO and founder Abby Michaelsen, “It all started in a shoebox…You know those tiny spaces New Yorkers call an apartment? I’ve always loved entertaining and changing up the look of my space throughout the year. The ‘lightbulb moment’ came after cramming a holiday tray into the back of my cabinet (only for it to sit there for the next 11 months.) All my feelings of excitement from hosting a celebration turned into regret for buying something so impractical.”

She told me that the experience of living in a small apartment inspired her to create versatile decor products that would make it easier to change the look for various styles, seasons, and holidays, starting with the always-handy accessory, a tray! 

Abby says that “it’s such an honor to know that the “Jack of all Trays” is a part of so many special occasions and spaces in my customer’s homes. It gives me so much joy to know that I’m helping people create memorable moments in their homes.” Jack of all Trays indeed. So, what are my favorites? I love the black tray with my absolute favorite Stone Gold Fox Reversible Insert. For fall, winter, and game days I’ll be using their Spooky Season Reversible Insert, their ‘Tis the Season Reversible Insert, and their Game Day Reversible Insert in Dark Red and White!

So, which of my fall favorites has become your favorite? Will you be rocking those elegant watches with adorable sweaters? Throwing on a pair of MOU booties while you’re out admiring the fall foliage? Or will you be indoors with candles and a tray of snacks while wearing new socks and slippers? Regardless of what you choose for yourself or others, I think we can all agree that perhaps fall is indeed a favorite.

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