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You’ll Never Believe These 9 Artists’ First Top-Hits

So, you think you know the hits? I’m pretty sure you do, but do you remember some of these top artists’ very first singles? I dare you to read below and have your mind blown! 

1.  Beyonce – “Work It Out” 

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Sure, you might know Bey’s breakout from Destiny’s Child as “Crazy In Love”, but a year before that, she went solo with the hit “Work It Out”, a song from the 2003 Austin Powers in Goldmember soundtrack. Go, Foxy Cleopatra!

2. Katy Perry – “Ur So Gay” 

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Katy launched her major-label career on Myspace with a little ditty called “Ur So Gay”, which got a lot of backlash from conservatives and liberals in 2007! To this day, it remains a sort-of deep cut. 

3. Kanye West – “Through The Wire” 

Photo Courtesy of Clizbeats.com

If you weren’t familiar with Kanye’s production work in 2003, you were introduced to Kanye, when he came out with this hit “Through the Wire”. It’s an incredibly catchy song about having his jaw wired shut after experiencing a car accident back in 2002. 

4. Rihanna – “Pon De Replay”

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Before Rihanna turned into the good girl gone bad, she came to the U.S. with a lovable, sweet frame of mind and the sunny “Pon De Replay” to give pop radio a little Barbadian kick back in 2005. 

5. Taylor Swift – “Tim McGraw”

Photo Courtesy of The Virtuous Girls

Despite her tendency toward poppy songs now, Taylor busted into the 2006 scene with a heartfelt ballad, with the memorable line, “When you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think my favorite song”. As of this year, she hasn’t played the song in five years!

6. Cardi B – “Stripper Hoe” 

Photo Courtesy of BrokenSilenze

I bet you thought Cardi’s entrance into the hip-hop world was “Bodak Yellow”! Well, think again because we were introduced to “Cardi with the wicked flow” in 2016 before she even released her first mixtape. 

7. Paris Hilton – “Stars Are Blind” 

Photo Courtesy of Giphy

Don’t say you don’t remember Paris’ 2006 venture into music! “Stars Are Blind” actually got to #18 on the Billboard Top 100. She’s been sprinkling in a few songs into our music library since then, but her return to music is more than overdue, right? 

8. The Chainsmokers – “Erase”

Photo Courtesy of SoundCloud

This was back when the Chainsmokers were actually good at music. You know the inescapable “Closer”, or even their more controversial hit “#Selfie” back in 2014, but back in 2012, the dudes released their first track “Erase”, featuring a then-up-and-coming Priyanka Chopra

9. Adele – “Hometown Glory” 

Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Before Adele swept us away with “Chasing Pavements”, and her debut album 19, she gave us some fever with “Hometown Glory”. It was a sleeper, but three years later after it was released, it received a Grammy nomination. 


Hope you enjoy your throwbacks!

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