You Won’t Believe You’ve Never Heard of this Kind of Astrology Sign

You definitely know about your sun sign, right? If you’re born in early June you’re an unreliable Gemini, early October means you’re a flirty Libra and mid-July makes you a Cancer (so you’re probably crying at this moment).

But what you might not know about is your moon sign. Since the moon moves much quicker through the zodiac than the sun does, it is determined not just by day, but also the time and place of your birth. While the sun sign represents the persona that you show to the world, your moon sign is your deep inner feelings and the core of your personality. The traits of your sun sign will manifest in emotion, rather than action.

For example, Taylor Swift’s sun sign is Sagittarius, meaning she was born to seek knowledge, adventure, and passion. Or at least that’s how she appears. Her moon sign is (probably! no one knows her exact birth time, apparently) Cancer, which explains the emotionality of her lyrics. No matter how much of a front of being a fun-loving archer, deep down Tay is the weepy cancer sign we love. Or hate. Jury’s out on that one.

Did you know that more presidents have the moon sign of Capricorn than any other sign? Which checks out, considering that Caps are known for their ambitious drive and fear of disappointing their fathers. Maybe only one of those traits is actually backed up by astrology but who’s to say.

Remember when analyzing your moon sign to account for how it plays with your sun sign. If your sun and moon are completely contradictory (like an Aries Sun with a Cancer moon), that needs to be taken into account. But if they line up (like a Capricorn sun and a Virgo moon) that also needs to be acknowledged. Two contradictory signs may pull you in opposite directions, giving you two completely conflicting senses of identity. While two similar signs can lead you to be overwhelmingly set in your ways.

Go ahead to cafe, plug in what day you were born and where, and discover your moon sign! Here’s what to know based on what you find:

Moon sign in Aries: Your moon is ruled by Mars, so you’re a pretty primal person. If you care what Freud has to say, he’d say you’re a kind of person controlled by their ID. You’re liable to get angry when people undermine you, but you love hard and you’re always willing to defend those you care about. You’re competitive and probably really great at sex.

Moon sign in Taurus: You’ve probably got a lot of emotion rumbling through you at any moment. Taurus is ruled by Venus, sign of love, which leads to you being emotional and sensitive. However, Taurus is an earth sign, so for every bit of you that’s sensitive and weepy, you’re also extremely stubborn. Taurus also loves food. So if you’re a dance-when-you-get-chicken-nuggets girl, it all makes sense.

Moon Sign in Gemini: Look, you’re a wacky person. You’re goofy, silly, and charismatic. You get bored easily and need stimulation and attention paid to you. You feel before you think, and act before you contemplate. You’re the life of the party -- just don’t tell Leo.

Moon Sign in Cancer: You might be crying, like, right now.

Moon Sign in Leo: Your whole life you’ve probably been told you have a natural draw, or you’re guilty of stealing the spotlight. A moon sign in Leo means you have an inherent desire to be center stage of your own life. Your feelings are extravagant, melodramatic. Your happiness feels like a triumph and your sorrow feels like a tragedy, and probably deep down you will always yearn for more love than life gives you.

Moon sign in Virgo: No matter where your sun sign leads you, you’re going to be driven by a want for structure and excellence. Your whole life you feel haunted by your failure and fearing for your inadequacy. You’re extra-sensitive to anything toxic to your body; maybe you’re a lightweight with liquor or tend to feel side effects of medication intensely. At the end of the day, people in your life rely on you for a constant in their life and someone who loves deeply, if only because you’re afraid of not being loved in return. (did this get too real? I’m a Virgo moon, so this was too real for me to write.)

Moon Sign in Libra: If the zodiac was a play, you’d be the romantic leading lady. Your life revolves around beauty, love, and your serious inability to make a decision. Libra has an intense natural charisma and charm, whether you know it or not you may have already broken several hearts in your life. At the same time, you have a vacant hole in your heart where a true sense of self would be, as you wrap your attention up in the dream of life, and not its reality. You also will never make a decision, if someone asks you where you want to get dinner you will never give a straight answer.

Moon Sign in Scorpio: Scorpio is the lustiest, horniest, and second most aggressive (Aries has you beat there!) sign. You are driven by a primal sense of need and want. You might be accused of being irresponsible or flighty, maybe irrational and overemotional, but no matter what people are drawn to you like a moth to a flame. Also, scorpion GIFs are all creepy, so here's a monkey making a phone call. 

Moon Sign in Sagittarius: Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, sign of truth and excess, is gonna push you your whole life to learn, discover, and love. You want to know everything you can; you might be a voracious reader or always watching a new TV show to discover what life “is” or “means” for others. You love traveling and might often be accused of being a little too honest.

Moon Sign in Capricorn: Capricorn is maybe one of the most tragic signs. Anointed with a constant drive for achievement, Cap's every mood is made out of ambition. But like any dreamer with more hope than they can swallow, you live your life tortured with the fear that you might not be all you can be. Lovers may accuse you of being distant and friends may suggest you’re hard to read. An interesting twist to Capricorn, however, is that they’re often considered to be the goofiest sign. Capricorns tend to make the silliest jokes and laugh the loudest.

Moon Sign in Aquarius: Some consider you aloof, some consider you stand-offish, but you’d like to consider yourself cool and collected, wouldn’t you? Aquarius is one of the most emotionally mature signs, but in that are also people's people. This can manifest in either too often being an emotional lean-to for your friends, or being too withdrawn and not perceptive to others' feelings. Possibly being around someone who’s upset is almost unbearable for you, but also forces you to feel like you have to fix them.

Moon Sign in Pisces: Pisces are just Cancers that are lonely, whereas Cancer is driven to seek out love wherever they can to stop their sadness, Pisces don’t understand anything outside of their deep loneliness. Drawn to passionate emotions, sadness or joy, the Pisces moon sign is often ultimately lonely, and feels deeply misunderstood by life.


Remember, astrology is a complex series of patterns. Also, remember to take it as seriously as you feel like. If your moon sign doesn’t match up with your perception of yourself, take your sun sign into account and imagine how they work together. And remember, you still have way more complexity, both in what the stars think of you and what you choose to think of yourself.

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