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You Know You Live In Utah When…

Let it be known that I have state pride.  I love this Beehive state.  It’s been my home for as long as I can remember, Salt Lake City is MY city. That being said, I know as well as anybody that Utah and it’s residents have their quirks. So, let’s kick back and laugh at ourselves a little!

Editors Note: It must also be said that I compiled this list with GIF assistance from my more technologically adept co-editor Ellie Briggs and with considerable input from my dear roommates. If YOU have a good “You know you live in Utah when…” or “only in Utah” quip, tweet them at me @mietraaarabi with the hashtag #YouKnowYouLiveInUtah or email me at [email protected]

You know you live in Utah when…

You swear you saw that same church building on the last corner, and the corner before that. 

You wore snowboots this morning then went home and changed into shorts.

You know all the cool girls wear Hawaiian sandals.

Your boyfriend ditched you for golfing and snowboarding in the same day.

Five beers here equal one beer elsewhere in alcohol, but the opposite is true in price.

All the restaurants have Monday night Family Specials.

All the girls in your group at Prom had dresses with straps added on after purchasing.

You were the Master of the Messy Bun in Ninth grade.

You can’t find a decent restaurant open on Sunday.

You think Films are really important artistic statements…once a year.

Being afraid to “up your number” refers only to kissing.


You think it’s ok to wear flip-flops to church.

You know multiple line dances.

There’s construction on brand-new roads.

You have a drawer of 80’s dancing outfits.

Facebook statuses about football tend to lead to arguments about Eternal Salvation.

You celebrate two firework-bursting, hot dog-eating, pool-partying, parade-going holidays during the month of July.

You think west of the freeway qualifies as “ghetto”.

All your Thursday nights during the Summer are already planned. 

You get dressed up to go to the mall.

It’s your second year at the U and all your high school friends are married and expecting.

You saw Imagine Dragons or Neon Trees in concert “before they were cool”.

People ask you if you know David Archuleta.

You feel awkward answering that question because you do know David Archuleta.

You’re proud that the U is in the Pac-12, even if you don’t really know what that means.

Your crush’s face is tanned from the cheeks down during the Winter.

You get lost outside of Utah and blame the lack of moun’ains.

You don’t just eat at Chik-Fil-A, you believe in Chik-Fil-A.

You can recognize Costco food at weddings.

You stay in the farthest left lane during the entire duration of your commute.

You say “Oh my heck/hell”, “Melk”, “Libary”, “Frick” or “Hot Tub” (Vs. jacuzzi, whirlpool, sauna, or spa).

You’ve gotten a hotel room just to go hot tubbing.

Caffeine is a controversial topic among your friends.

You’ve been on ten different dates to see Christmas lights at Temple Square. Last December alone.

You can throw a rock in any direction and hit a blogger.

The word Beaver makes you think of…the state’s “#1 water”.

You and your husband share a joint Instagram and Facebook account.

Mietra Aarabi is an introvert disguised as an extrovert that is majoring in Art with a Painting and Drawing emphasis. She was one of the founding member's of the Alpha Phi chapter at the U in 2011 and is a co-editor in chief of Utah's Her Campus chapter with Ellie Briggs. She's an aspiring makeup artist as well as a mediocre yogi, occasional writer and hopefully, maybe, one-day a Creative Director and/or Designer (#goals) with way too many clothes and a serious lack of time and closet space. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter as @mietraaarabi! http://instagram.com/mietraaarabi
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