Yes, Planned Parenthood Provides Services for Men

After talking to 16 different men whose ages ranged from 18 to 66 about the functions of Planned Parenthood, I realized that there is a giant lack of knowledge present in the male population. In fact, one of the most surprising fallacies I encountered was, “Planned Parenthood only offers abortion services and free condoms.”  This was incredibly shocking to me because of how prevalent Planned Parenthood has become in recent years. So, in order to spread awareness and possibly improve some people's reproductive health, I will list some of the most important services that Planned Parenthood provides, specifically for men. I encourage you to share this information to all the guys in your life because you never know, it may just save a life.

  1. 1. Testicular and Prostate Cancer Screening

    Unfortunately, a lot of men are embarrassed to talk about any issues “below the belt”. This is concerning because these problems can have devastating consequences, especially if cancer is present. Even if one has no pain or concerns about their reproductive health, it is smart to get regular checkups just to be safe.

  2. 2. Male Infertility Screening and Referral

    Look, while we all yearn for the day where men hold no pride over being able to produce some “good swimmers”, we are not there yet. Infertility may not be incredibly life-threatening but understanding the issue may alleviate some anxiety for certain couples.

  3. 3. Men’s Sterilization (Vasectomy)

    Yes, Planned Parenthood also provides guys with “the snip”! Often times there comes a time in a relationship where “good swimmers” are no longer needed. Many Planned Parenthood health centers offer vasectomies, but if not, they will give referrals to the best doctors depending on the specific need. Unfortunately, vasectomies are not covered under the Affordable Care Act, luckily many insurance plans cover most, if not all of the cost.

  4. 4. Premature Ejaculation Exams, Referrals, Education, and Treatment

    Ok, this may not save a life, but it may save some couple’s sex life. Premature ejaculation haunts the nightmares of most men, even if they are not willing to admit it. It is not common knowledge however that there is usually a reason for premature ejaculation, and often times a solution.

  5. 5. Erectile Dysfunction Education, Referrals, Exams, and Treatment

    Much like #4 on the list, Erectile Dysfunction primarily impacts one’s sex life. While it may be embarrassing to talk about, getting treated for Erectile Dysfunction may educate men on other medical issues that may be the root cause. Some examples include depression, medication side effects, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low testosterone, nerve damage, heart disease, diabetes, and many more.

For too long reproductive health has been an uneasy topic for many men. It is generally quite difficult, and often embarrassing for some guys to express concerns regarding their "pelvic region". Planned Parenthood is an amazing organization that looks to help anyone, regardless of gender identity. The dissemination of this information will not only help men who do not know where to go, but it will also clarify the myriad misconceptions some may have of Planned Parenthood. 


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Planned Parenthood: Men's Health Services