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There have been some trends I can get on board with; leggings with dresses, the big shift to online shopping, honey, and other fads I hope can stay alive and well. However, there are some which are as pointless as a broken pencil tip. As the novelty of 2017 is coming to an end, I hope these 8 trends find a place in our memories… but nowhere else. 

1. Fidget Spinners 

Supposed these were made to help with ADHD and I’m sure they do, which is great. But, for everyone else, it is just a new distraction. There is no reason you need to spend money on a gold-plated spinner. Don’t be that co-worker with an annoying habit of spinning while you should be working. If you need to fidget, please fidget spin responsibly, at home, alone.   


2. Unicorn ANYTHING


Whose idea was it to take a wonderful, mythical creature, and to drop them into daily life? Stay out of my cake, off my neck, and please stop making them poop rainbows. Unicorns have their place in fairytales, but not in my frappuccino. Please, don’t eat magical creatures, it’s not good for you. 


3. Voice-enabled Tech

I know, I know, this is going to be part of the future so I might as well get used to it. But, Google never listens to me! Trying to talk to your phone and get it to function the way you want is like herding a bunch of toddlers in a petting zoo; it’s not going to go well. I just hope they can work out the kinks before everyone switches to voice-activated electronics.


4. Big, Round, FAKE Glasses


If you need glasses, by all means, pick the ones you like the most. It is going to be your most worn accessory, so you do you. However, if you are just wearing them to appear smarter… stop. Especially since everyone has decided to look like Harry Potter in them. Just buy yourself some sunglasses; they’re way more useful. 


5. Rose Gold

Rose gold clothes, rose gold phone protectors, rose gold nails, rose gold jewelry, rose gold iPhones, rose gold scissors, rose gold notebooks, rose gold frames, rose gold lettered quotes to go into the rose gold frames, rose gold hair ties, rose gold silverware, rose gold headphones, rose gold telephones, rose gold shoes, rose gold pocket watches, rose gold backpacks, rose gold belts, rose gold flamingo floaters, rose gold lollipops, rose gold calenders, rose gold…. You see what I mean? This color is everywhere. And its only gold mixed with copper. You are wearing the color of pennies.


6. Making Your Lips Look Like Kylie Jenner’s

I am all for making yourself look pretty if you think you need it. However, what part about big, puffy, irritated lips, is pretty? Learn to work with your natural features, instead of using a water bottle to “enhance” yourself. 0/10 would not recommend.


7. Dabbing

Dabbing has become the new planking. It is only cool in your mind. Don’t let the novelty of it get to you, just because everyone you know puts their hands in the air doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Don’t fall victim to the dab. Let it go. 


8. Homemade Slime


I remember being younger and my mom would make us edible playdough. It was super fun and you could eat it. You cannot eat slime. So automatically it is less fun. It was cool while it lasted, but I won’t be sad to see it leave.

You may not agree with my list of bad trends, and you may hope some of them live on. I mean, our parents thought the mullet was a good idea. But, when it boils down, we all know there will be a load of new stuff that comes out next year that will define 2018, so here’s hoping it is better than #clownlivesmatter (2016 trend). 


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I enjoy writing about varied topics, which is fueled from my love of talking to people.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, my goldfish Buttercup, reading, painting, anything competitive, Star Wars and gaming.  
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