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As the days get shorter and colder, it can become more difficult to hang out with friends and family unless, especially if you aren’t interested in spending all your time indoors. If you’re like me and love being outside or find the winter months boring, check out these fun activities that will have you, your friends, and family making memories while enjoying the holiday spirit! Also, if you’ve overused the movie night hangout, try one of these, and I swear, you won’t regret it.




Walking, talking, and enjoying christmas lights, what’s not to love? Utah’s Hogle Zoo has it’s annual ZooLights starting on December 6th, and it’s said to be the biggest and brightest it has ever been this year! Tips for your visit to the zoo are to one: dress accordingly because it can get super cold and two: buy your tickets online to avoid the long lines. Since this event does take place from 6pm-10pm, most animals are asleep by then but there is always the possibility that you will see grizzly bears, seals, sea lions, and/or river otters while there. Tickets cost $9.95 for adults and there are even some discounts available if you are planning on bringing a large group of people. 


Ice Skating 


Winter is not complete until you go ice skating! This activity is both inexpensive and so much fun! Not to mention, it is the perfect hangout when you feel like you’ve done everything else. Yes, you may fall a few times, but when your doing it with your best friends, it’s not embarrassing, it’s actually entertaining! 


Temple Lights


Just like ZooLights, going to see the temple lights is something everyone should have on their list of things to do in the winter. This is a very popular attraction during the winter months so just be aware that the weekends aren’t the best days to do this and most importantly, remember to stay warm! Unlike ZooLights, temple square does not have warming stations, so it’s best to dress as warm as possible and to carry warming packs for your hands. This activity is free to everyone and stays open from 5:30 until 10 pm every night. 


Color Me Mine



One’s creative side definitely comes out once it gets colder, limiting the places one can be out with friends and family. If you’re in the mood to just talk and paint, go to Color Me Mine here in Salt Lake! It’s a 5 min drive from campus and prices vary from $5-$60 depending on what piece of pottery you want to decorate and take home. Personally, I tend to stick to the classic mug and paint it whatever mood I’m feeling. I’ve gone a few times, and every visit is always memorable and fun!




To this day, sledding is one of my favorite activities to do during the winter. The great thing about sledding is that it is fun for all ages. My favorite place to go sledding is definitely Sugar House Park because of the tall and steep hills. The best time to go is usually the day after it has snowed since the snow is harder, making it easier to climb up the hills. It can get quite busy during the morning and early afternoon, making it more difficult to go down the hill. To avoid this, I always recommend going night sledding, there are fewer people and the hills are smoother from sledding done in the morning.


Christmas In Color 

If you want an alternative to looking at christmas lights in the cold, this is your #1 choice. “Christmas in Color” is a drive thru full of bright lights and surprises. After buying the $27.00 pass for the whole vehicle, you and whoever is in the car will get to experience a color show with the help of a special radio station every car experiencing the event is hooked on to. There are happy hour promos every week from Monday to Thursday, so if you are looking for lower prices, plan to go on one of those days. 

This time of the year is not only great because of the holidays and snow, but it also allows for us to get closer with family and friends. It can get harder to plan activities once it gets cold but with these ideas, going out during the winter months doesn’t seem so bad. For the most part, these activities are available and accessible to all and definitely make for some memorable moments. So go out, have fun, and don’t let these next few months slip by without trying out at least one of these ideas. 

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