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Why You Should Take a Pause on Coffee and Go for Juice

I thought that nothing got better than finding the most local, urban coffee shop I could and ordering a foamy latté. Croissants and the mellow environment of a coffee shop spelt bliss; a coffee can warm my soul on a cold winter day, but when I am ditching the sweaters for a crop top I don’t want the bloated belly I get from too much espresso and cream. I decided to ditch my date with coffee and walk into a bright and airy juice bar. When I ordered my chia-seed infused juice I had an epiphany of all the reasons I should switch up my routine and grab a juice instead of a coffee. I wanted to share this great change with all of you.

  • It’s refreshing. So refreshing. 

A juice in the morning is the best way to freshen up your day.

  • Juice is amazing for you!

A drink that is full of the best nutrients a fruits and vegetables has to offer? Yes please.


  • It is just as Insta worthy as your coffee. 

There is nothing wrong with adding some color to your profile

  • You take just as long to drink it.

This is the magic part of the fruit and vegetables! As hard as it is not to, sip on it and not chug it down. I could easily sit in the juice bar and escape into a good book for a while. (I am currently reading one that is set in the Mediterranean, so naturally, I want something fruity!)


  • Take it on the go.

The glass bottle that you can either reuse or bring back to some places for a refund, allows you to take your juice to your lectures or anywhere else on the go.


Here are a few places in the Salt Lake area that can fulfill all your juice needs. Some of them have baked goods so you're not completely skipping out of the buttery goodness.


  • Vive Juicery- 1597 S 1100 E or 219 E Broadway


  • Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen- 49 Gallivan Ave


  • Blue Star- 2795 S 2300 E


  • Water Fusions- 2309 S Highland Drive


  • Just Organic Juice- 2030 S 900 E


  • LunaBerry (offers 10% off with student ID) - 358 S 700 E

Peace out coffee shops, I will see you when the leaves begin to fall. I am going to drink my antioxidant-filled fresh pressed juice.

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Krissi attends the University of Utah studying to become a journalist. When she is not doing school work, she is a part time makeup artist, full time animal lover and spends any moment she can outside. (She especially loves outdoor malls.) She quotes: "Writing is one of the most beautiful ways to express ourselves and I could not be more thrilled to be apart of Her Campus!"
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