Why You Should Go See the Greatest Showman


Lions, tigers, and captivating cinematic quality, oh my! The Greatest Showman came out just before the New Year and has been a hit ever since. There has been some backlash towards the movie for not showing the struggles and triumphs of the circus crew and focusing on Hugh Jackman’s character P.T. Barnum, which can be a disappointment, but I’m here to tell you all of the amazing reasons why you should go see it.

First and foremost is the incredible soundtrack for the movie. I promise that after you see this movie each song will be stuck in your head until you're blowing out the candles on your 79th birthday (and probably after). Each song is performed brilliantly and with so much passion.

The love stories will make your heart soar. I don’t want to divulge too much into this topic out of fear of giving anything away, but parts of this movie will bring out the hopeless romantic in you.

The main takeaway point will inspire you. No matter who you are or where you come from, you can make a name for yourself and make your dreams come true. It’s a classic plot, but something that we all need to be reminded of every once and a while.

Zac Efron is making a comeback into the world of musicals and it’s better than ever. Relive your High School Musicals days - except this time he has better abs and hair.

Zendaya. Need I say more?

The overall cinematic experience is beautiful. Each scene is artistically crafted and is pleasing to watch. Each musical number is explosive no matter how soft the song. You’ll want to run away and join the circus with Hugh Jackman after seeing this movie.

At this point, I hope I’ve convinced you to take the plunge to go see this amazing movie. From the music to the cast to the amazing editing crew, it is definitely worth the $9.95 for a ticket (or $5 if you go on a Tuesday)! The amazing colors and Zac Efron’s abs will captivate you for the entire hour and 45 minutes. So, grab some popcorn, join the runaways who are running the night, and go see the Greatest Showman this weekend.

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