Why You Should Delete Photos Of Your Ex After You Break-Up

This might be an unpopular opinion, but once you break-up with an ex you should delete your photos. Too many people nowadays are hung up on their ex or have unresolved issues with an ex. I’ve encountered so many people who are still talking to or in love with their ex that it’s come to the point that I have to be skeptical when they have kept every post about an ex up. I understand a lot of people maintain friendships with their exes once they break up, and that’s great. But leaving up romantic pictures of an ex can make other romantic interests skeptical about getting involved. 

Once you break up with an ex, you don’t have to delete every single photo you have together. That said, on social media platforms like Instagram or whatever your most used ones are you should archive or delete posts once the relationship has ended. You can still keep around the photos for memories (if you’re into that stuff). Deleting photos of an ex is also a good way for some people to get over their ex. It’s erasing the thought of them so your mind doesn’t circle back to thinking of them. If you never delete photos of them and constantly see them, you’ll never completely get them off your mind. People seem to have a hard enough time getting over and forgetting exes as it is, so why make it harder?

phone with social media displayed on screen

When you start talking to someone new, and they see a feed filled with photos of your past relationship that you’ve neglected to remove, it can feel like you’re holding onto something. It also exposes your new love interest to the content of your past relationships. We’ve all had exes, but leaving things in the open without the effort to remove them can make a potential love interest wonder. Photos come with sentimental value, so they go hand in hand with the idea that there might be a sentimental attachment to the photos one refuses to delete.

Some people come out of relationships being friends or with no hard feelings. That’s fantastic, and I wish more relationships ended so positively. It’s understandable to keep up a friendly photo of a good memory, but if you’re keeping up every photo plus Instagram highlights of them, then it’s become a little excessive. Now that you’re single or seeing someone new, maybe it’s something to consider why you still have photos up of your ex.