Why You Need To Watch Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

This semester I randomly signed up from COMM 3020, a critical media course on all things Disney. Initially, I had no idea the class was going to be about Disney, until I showed up that first day. In my mind, the class could go one of two ways Option One: Each week would watch a new Disney film and discuss our thoughts. This would lead to discussions composed mostly of praise of Disney, with slight critiques. OR...option two: My classmates and I would learn the deep dark secrets of Disney, and would leave the class never wanting to watch a Disney movie again. 

Instead, the class found a surprising middle ground between the two options. Our amazing teacher, Rachel Griffin, taught us how to appreciate Disney, while noticing the ways the company has fallen short. We learned how to actively play a role in our consumption instead of just allowing subtle racist, sexist, heterosexist, classist and ableist ideologies to be spoon fed to us through the media. In my research for our final project, I stumbled across the old gem Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queenand after long hours of delving into the intricacies of all things Lindsay Lohan, here are my top reasons why you need to watch this movie right now: 

1. Lindsay Lohan 

Lilo was always an icon during my childhood. She gave us The Parent Trap, Mean Girls, Herbie Fully Loaded and The Parent Trap. This is just another gem to add to your Lindsay Lohan collection. Her performance and character are entertaining, hilarious, and despite being slightly painful, it was still relatable as ever. I don't know about you, but I stan!  2. Megan Fox

Another female icon from your childhood. Admittedly, I had totally forgot about her until she made an appearance in this film, and boy was I excited when I saw her. Having one favorite was amazing but, two! Megan Fox does an incredible job playing this movies 'mean girl,' and watching her perform this role, after knowing where she ends up, is nothing short of hilarious. 

3. The Drama 

Everyone needs to be a little dramatic from time to time, and this movie allows us to unleash our inner drama queen, especially as finals come up, and the world feels like it's ending. Misery loves company, and it t's great to have someone be on that level with you and to laugh at it. Be as dramatic as you want with Lola. 

4. The Messages 

This movie is full of positive messages, especially for women. The movie encourages girls not to lie, to follow their dreams, and be who they are. It also does an amazing job of pointing out how we treat single mothers, and highlights how amazing and important they are. Watching this movie as an adult gave me a lot more insight. 

5. Female Friendships at the Center

So often in movies about young girls, the focal point is romance. Lola has no time for romance as she pursues a Broadway acting career, but she has plenty of time for her best friend, Ella. I think it's important to remember how important our friends are. Romantic relationships are great, but at the end of the day, nothing beats hanging out with your best girl friends. 

With the end of the semester here so quickly, life has gotten stressful. And while there are many ways to unwind, sometimes watching a ridiculous movie from the 2000's era is all you need. It was fun to laugh and cringe, as I thought back on how I was so like Lola in high school, and how I can still be like her today. Not to mention the music is so 2000's (and so perfect.)