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At one time or another, all of us have watched a show that we just needed to gush about. Unfortunately, not everybody watches the same shows (which is so frustrating), and many TV series do not get the recognition they deserve (cough cough, The 100).  

If you don’t know what The 100 is about, here is an elevator pitch: The world was incinerated by nuclear warfare 90-some-odd years before the show starts. The remnants of humanity living in space are on the brink of making irreversible decisions that might destroy the human race. Thus, they send 100 juvenile delinquents to the earth to see if it is survivable. A darker version of Lord of the Flies ensues but with a few extra twists and turns. Welcome to The 100. 

I have been watching The 100 since day one, and every season gets better and better, which is practically unheard of in television. To be honest, I don’t even know how to go about describing how utterly amazing it is, but here I go anyway. With Season 5 coming out in a week (excuse me as I hyperventilate), it’s a perfect time for you to ignore your finals and binge watch The 100. While I can and have gone on forever about the nuances of the show, here are a few main reasons you should watch it: 

 It has surprisingly great plotlines.

I know, not the sexiest topic, but great plot=great show.

Unlike most sci-fi or fantasy shows, The 100 has yet to go off the rails regarding its plot. In fact, we are five seasons in, and each one makes sense in context of the show’s overarching story and connects succinctly to the upcoming season. In some cases, a new storyline is introduced seasons ahead of when it becomes part of the main plot, thus allowing time for it to develop. Also, the events that take place aren’t terribly unrealistic, if a bit horrifying at times.  

There are SO many powerful women.

Another great thing about the show is the individual strength of each woman, and it’s not only in the commonly depicted badass warrior way. These women show their strength in a variety of ways; Octavia is physically strong, Clarke is emotionally strong, and Raven is mentally strong (obviously, these aren’t their only defining characteristics, but I don’t think y’all want to read an essay on this topic). The level of determination that these women show is inspiring to watch.

To top that off, the men in the show, while also being incredibly strong, are not susceptible to bouts of overly excessive masculinity. In a way similar to the strength of the women mentioned above, each male character shows their soft side and expresses emotion like normal humans.

The 100 does a great job breaking stereotypes. 

Can you say character development? 

Although the plot is great (refer to point one), The 100 is primarily a character-driven show. This means there is INSANE character development, either inwardly or within relationships. Some characters follow the typical dichotomized change from weak to strong, bad to good, innocent to corrupt, etc., but they also change in much more important ways. The characters of The 100 do not simply do a 180 and continue with their storyline. Many characters progress through the show as they struggle with the ups and downs of finding their own identity and acclimating to their new reality on earth. 

It has thought-provoking themes.

Unlike some shows that focus on the duality of mankind and reinforce that there exists a competition between good and evil, The 100 takes the opposite approach. Due to the change in characters and the impossibilities they face on the ground, some characters make mistakes, some kill, some torture, and some abandon their friends and family. Each time they are faced with the age-old question “are we the good guys?”, but a few seasons in, they realize that there are no good guys. You do what you need to do to survive. Kill or be killed. It’s beautiful really.

On that happy note, let me address the best and most important part of the show:


The two main characters in the show, Bellamy and Clarke, have the best on-screen relationship on TV. Now, a large portion of the fanbase (myself included) is eagerly waiting until the two confess their love for each other, despite the fact that the romantic nature of their relationship is never addressed directly aside from a ridiculously slow burn between the two, but their bond is amazing for other reasons. In order to not spoil the show to any newcomers (but please, catch up), I won’t go into specifics. Just know the amount of trust and companionship they show one another is unparalleled and watching them grow over the seasons honestly makes me feel like a weirdly invested mom. I’m gonna be honest, their relationship is the main reason I watch the show.

Now, go and watch. 


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