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Why You Need to Stop Calling Her “Crazy”

Picture this, the world as a utopia. A place where there is no war, puppies roam in abundance, added guacamole is free, and eating salad is enjoyable. I, along with everyone I know, wish this kind of perfection existed. But it doesn’t. However, there are steps that could be taken to obtain a much happier society such as, eliminating the word “crazy” from your vocabulary. It may seem ‘crazy’ that one word could hold such gravity and have any sort of importance to the world. Well, here is where you’ll be surprised.  Think back to every time you turn to your friends and ask “does this sound crazy?” when sending a risky text. Or when you see that girl from Bio fighting with her boyfriend in the parking lot and whispering under your breath “bitch crayyyy.” Don’t act like you haven’t done it – because I have also been there, done that.

Now, that we are all slightly more self-aware, let’s understand why this word is one of the most hypocritical and annoying phrases to leave a person’s mouth. Think of all the scenarios deemed acceptable to use the word crazy: typically when someone is raising their voice and is extremely heated, when they are doing something you don’t understand, or when someone expresses plenty of emotion in what they are saying. If you think about it, you are accusing someone of being mentally unstable because they are doing something outlandish or they are at a peak with emotions and trying to make someone understand. You are basically telling someone that it’s bad to be extremely passionate or enthusiastic over something, that having strong emotions is bad. All of a sudden, you stop and go “no that’s not what I mean by it”, but it is. There is a reason I am a firm believer we should eliminate this word from our regular vocabulary.

We have all been there, overheard a boy talking about an ex, saying “ yeah I did [something stupid and worth an argument] and she got all crazy on me.” Or when girls are talking about that one girl who is no longer in their friend group saying “after she got broken up with she went full blown crazy.” These people that have been accused of being psychotic over frustrating situations are being told they aren’t justified at all, and this is why this is not okay. We live in a world where everyone loves to act like they just don’t care, loving someone is sooo not trendy, and being absurdly passionate is ridiculous. Well, folks, those all need to stop being true. I am tired of hearing both boys and girls call other girls crazy for a reasonable situation. Where is the ‘girl-code’ or respect in acknowledging that you have no idea what that person is feeling or going through, and you really have no right judging them based on their reactions?

So ladies, support your friend in sending the text, or calling that boy out for treating her poorly. There is nothing wrong with self-love. Gentlemen, understand that something you said or did hurt the girl you’re talking to, and she is upset for a justified reason, no need to label her as crazy. We all have things we care/are passionate about, so let’s all try to respect each other a little more, that way we can obtain that wonderful world we all desire, even if guac is still extra. 

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