Why We Take Clean Water For Granted & How You Can Help

Having clean water isn’t something we had to think about growing up in the United States.  We have always expected clean water to be provided by our cities so that we can live life and not be worried if we will have anything to drink. We take clean water for granted because it has always been there.

Something that we don’t often realize is that there is a global water crisis happening in most countries around the world. The lack of clean water is extreme. Because it isn’t happening right in front of our eyes we ignore it. We need to learn that we might take clean water for granted, but other people definitely do not.

In other countries, despite immense progress, there are still 663 million people who lack clean water to drink. That’s 1 in every 10 people.   

In third world countries, they do not have the money or the resources to provide clean water to all of their people. Because of this people end up drinking contaminated water, becoming sick and dying. Every day, 1,000 children die from diseases caused by unsafe water or inadequate sanitation

 In the United States, we waste vast amounts of water each year. Compared to under-developed and even developed countries we often treat water like it is nothing. When in reality being able to drink clean water is a matter of life or death for other people around the world. We need to learn how to help other people deal with this problem so that we can eventually help ourselves.

You can start solving this issue of the lack of clean water by conserving water and not wasting it:

1.     Don’t over water your lawn

2.     Don’t ask for water at a restaurant if you aren’t going to drink it

3.     Take quick showers rather than baths

4.     Don’t let the water run while you brush your teeth

5.     Re-use towels at hotels

6.     Don’t run the dishwasher until it is full

You can start helping people in other countries who need water by:

1.     Donating a small amount of money to fund water projects around the world, like UNICEF’s Water and Sanitation Programs (WASH)

2.     Go on a humanitarian trip to help build wells or purification systems to get people fresh water

3.     Or volunteer locally to help raise money for water projects in other countries

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