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Why We Fall for the Bad Boys

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

It’s so wrong, and we KNOW we shouldn’t fall for them…yet we do. Why do we fall for the reckless rebels instead of the goody-good gentlemen? That’s the question that leaves us all crying into our pints of Ben and Jerry’s. We feel like we’re losing our minds because we go to sleep with their names ringing through our brains; they haunt us in our dreams and the mental image of their crooked smiles is plastered in our minds. We can’t shake them. Why? Well…I have a few thoughts.

1. They Are Unapologetically Themselves

They are upfront about who they are and what they want and that is sexy as hell. It’s so rare to find someone who will be straight with you, and communicate what they envision for their lives. They freely admit to their crazy antics, the unpredictable lifestyle they live, their feelings for you, and they really don’t care what you think. They didn’t show up to work? Yeah, they don’t care. They broke the rules? You bet they did, and you can either join them on their rollercoaster or get left behind. 

2. They Challenge You

They aren’t the “yes” men who tell you you’re always in the right when you have disagreements with your family, or tell you that your political opinions are correct…they tell you what they believe. They are not the type to grovel at your feet and tell you you’re perfect; they test and push you to find out who you are and what you want. They see you for what you are – an imperfect human being that has light and dark inside of them. Although it can be aggravating and annoying…it’s also so refreshing. It’s wonderful to have someone who is realistic and doesn’t just accept what you say. You feel that they see you for what you are and it makes you feel real. They make you actually feel like you’re a living, breathing entity in a multidimensional world full of color instead of a paper doll dying in monochromatism.

3. They Make You Question Everything

 They show you that life can be an invigorating, thrilling ride, and that it’s not all black and white. Good actions don’t equate to a good person, and vice versa. Growing up, we have a clear vision of what is good and what is bad, but then you meet them and everything changes. Being with someone who makes you feel so alive…it’s hard to imagine that they could be squeezed into the tiny, one-dimensional box of “bad.” 

4. They Have Depth

Even though they have the “bad boy” exterior, we catch glimpses of the goodness in them that they try to hide, but never really can. They have that depth, and we are so anxious to uncover it; we have a clawing desire to peel back the layers of toughness and actually view who they are underneath. The fact that they have so many sides to them always leaves us excited and wanting more because it’s like a really great mystery that provides you with never-ending plot twists and turns. The thrill of discovering them is addicting.

5. They Are Dangerous

Obviously, bad boys are dangerous; they are prone to breaking our hearts, leaving us stranded, erratic behaviors, and so much more. We take a huge risk when we invest ourselves, and that risk is intoxicating. Although we know we’ll probably get hurt, living life on the edge, the perpetual adrenaline rush, and the incessant butterflies, always leave us wanting more. It will more than likely end in flames but the rush makes it worth it.

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor