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Why We Already Miss Halloween

Halloween is the time of the year where we go Trick-or-Treating as a child, go to fun parties in high school, but now that we are in college its time to do some fun activities. Halloween doesn’t last one night in college unlike when we were kids…and we miss it already….

We miss the fun costumes…

One of the best parts about Halloween is that you can be whomever you want. Shopping with your friends or creating your own outfit can be more fun than Halloween…and we’re already planning what to do in a year.

We want the crazy make-up.

This is one of the few times that you can have blood running down your face or a hook coming out of your mouth and it is socially acceptable. Also, you get to try new and awesome makeup tricks that is only okay during October.

Give me the carmel. 

One of the best traditions of fall is trying to bite into a caramel apple and still look ladylike and getting your teeth stuck together.

Can we still carve?

Some people can make pumpkins look like The Little Mermaid, the Deathly Hallows, or even Johnny Depp. It doesn’t matter if your finished product looks good as long as you have fun making your pumpkin yours.

Look at decorations…

Trick-or-treat is fun but looking at the decorations on the houses is great! Every now and then you will see a house that really went all out and we feel that Halloween Pride in our bones.

Don’t take away the corn mazes.

Who doesn’t like getting lost? I want to be lost. Again and again. 

See a Psychic…

If you don’t want to be lost, have someone help you find yourself. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, seeing a psychic is fun and can give you some inspiration for your life. This fits into the spookiness of October and we want it to come back.

Haunted Houses

The best part is waiting in line and getting yourself hyped up and then watching other people freak out!

We want the Halloween movies.

Cuddle up with some fuzzy socks and watch Hocus Pocus while eating Halloween candy. We never want this to not happen.

If I'm not cooking or in school I am usually binge watching Friends, Arrow, or Harry Potter. I am a Slytherin and an Alpha Phi. I believe that mermaids can exist and I would like to be the first one. I sleep with a dragon at my side named Toothless every night. If I could get paid to travel the world I would never stay in the same place longer than a month.
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