Why Publik Coffee Roasters Actually Beats All Other Study Spots

So you've tried the library, and you're over your bedroom. Maybe you've tried a coffee shop or two, but the one down the street from your apartment with the rude baristas just isn't cutting it lately. Naturally, you find yourself craving a cozy atmosphere with great food and strong coffee. Naturally, you want to check out  Publik Coffee Roasters. Located a short distance from the U in Salt Lake City, Publik is THE ultimate study spot. Read on for reasons why this study spot needs to be your go-to! 


Everyone needs a study break, am I right?! Why not fulfill your hunger with some delicious avocado toast! It’s made on local “peasant bread”—fluffy and fulfilling goodness with a rich avocado spread, olive oil drizzle, & salt & pepper lightly sprinkled on top. This meal (besides coffee, of course) will give you the energy you need to knock out mountains of homework. 10/10 recommend!


2.Great Wifi

Nothing is worse than studying at a coffee shop with horrible Wifi. Luckily, Publik’s Wifi never disappoints! Fast Internet connection makes everything better—increased productivity is key!

3.Spacious, Modern, and Has Various Places to Sit

One of the things that impresses me most about Publik is their vast array of study spots. Upstairs, my personal favorite place to study is relatively quiet and has multiple tables and counters to choose from. Only a few times have I had to wait to get a table, and often times the wait time has been pretty fast. I also am in love with Publik’s hip & modern atmosphere. From their turf covered walls and cute hanging light fixtures to their sleek bathrooms and glass menu, this coffee shop is the ultimate trendy study spot!


4.Nitro Brew Coffee

Very few coffee shops that I have been to sell this! For those who aren’t familiar with nitro brew, it is a cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas, which creates a smooth, foamy and creamy texture, a bit similar to a latte. It also has a bit more caffeine than traditionally brewed coffee—all the more reason to order it when you’re back on that study grind!

Overall, Publik Coffee Roasters is a go-to place to study due to its exceptional coffee, delicious food, and modern atmosphere. Check them out on 975 W South Temple the next time you find yourself over your regular library spot -- you won’t be disappointed!