Why Park City Is The Place To Be During Winter Break

If anyone wants to experience the perfect winter wonderland during our magical winter break, I know of just the place!

Just 20-30 minutes up the canyon lies Park City - the ultimate ski town that everyone loves. Park City is the No. 1 ski resort in the country, while also being the biggest resort in North America! Any winter activity you can think of, we have it! From shopping, skiing, and just having a kick-ass time, I highly suggest you check out Park City for your next winter vacation! 

Here's what Park City has to offer to make your winter break the best it can be! 

1. Skiing & Snowboarding 

This one is pretty obvious, being the biggest ski resort in the country. You got Park City Resort and Deer Valley - in the past few years, Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons Resort combined into one huge resort, where you can now easily connect from one side of the mountain to another! We have amazing slopes to ski on, along with amazing views and gorgeous sunshine. I personally suggest going off trail for a bit and shredding inside the trees - it's a hell of a time and your skiing/snowboarding skills will definitely increase! Tickets usually are approx. $120 a day, $60 for a half-day (I know, uber expensive), but call the ticket office and see if they offer a college discount! Buy them here!


2. Cross-Country Skiing

If skiing mountains ain't your thing, there's always skiing on flat ground! Park City's cross-country trails are a MUST during your visit here. With a variety of groomed, classic, or even rustic touring trails, you'll definitely be working up a sweat on our trails! Check out the map of trails here. If you have a pair of your own cross-country gear, go out and hit the trails! However, if you are in need of renting or are down to go on some tours around town on your skis, Jans and White Pine Touring have deals on just what you need for your cross-country experience! 


3. Ice Skating

This one is a no-brainer because it's winter! Down below at Park City Resort is a cute little ice rink where you can skate around all day! The ice rink is also convenient when your family or friends want to hit the slopes and you're not really feelin' it. I personally love it because you get the best of both worlds skating right next to the iconic resort and you get to see beginners wipe out on the ice and it can get very entertaining. Prices start at $9 without skate rentals and $16 with skate rentals. It's a good deal! 


4. Tubing

Here is another fun activity to spice up your winter! Gorgoza Park offers the family-fun you want in your winter break! There's a lift that will take you the top so you can enjoy the ride down without all of the hard work! The tubing is more fun at night, so take my suggestion and go have some winter-night fun. Prices start at $11 for one ride, while 2 hours is $33. 


5. Main Street 

For the perfect nightlife, or if you're in need of a stroll, Main Street is the place to be! We have world-famous shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes to leave a print on your nightlife experience! Main Street is also known for the annual Sundance Film Festival's events, so it's definitely a poppin' street. My personal favorites places to be on the street are Flanagan's, which is an Irish Pub, along with Java Cow & Cafe, the best ice-cream you can ever devour, and No Name Saloon and The Cabin, the best bars on the block! Also if you're lucky to be in town during a famous live act, check out Park City Live! If you ever want a discount on restaurants on Main, check out the Park Record's restaurant coupons here

I hope you take my advice and visit the best resort in the USA for your winter break!