Why My Dog is The Best Judge of Character

There is an unspoken rule in regard to any dog-owner ever. This goes beyond gaining the trust of the best friend, approval of the parents, or acceptance of the partner, which are all extremely important tests you must pass. However, the real tell-tail sign of a trustworthy mate all relies on the reaction of my dog. I have cared for and nurtured my dog on a daily basis since puppy-hood. Do you really think this dog wouldn’t have my best interest at heart? If you answered no, then you, my friend are extremely silly.

The relationship between a dog and their owner is one of adoration and trust – no jealous exes, manipulative text messages, or mind games - just pure love. Now, a dog’s life is one of the most precious things on this earth; they are really the purest creatures to grace anyone’s presence. How a person could do a dog wrong bewilders me. Now, I believe to my core that dogs have a sixth sense. Other than the common tale of dogs being able to see ghosts, or knowing there is a stranger in the house, my dog knows when trouble arises. It goes without saying that I will trust this angelic animal over some egotistical male that has just recently stepped into the picture. Even if I think you're great, my dog may not and that kind of makes it hard to bring you around, I really don’t want my dog to feel overstepped.

The closest I have come to completely loving someone other than my family is my dog. Boys have been shown time and time again what a waste of time dating can be, but a dog has never hurt my feeling. I don’t have to worry about getting a text back or feeling loved. Anytime I have a bad day, my doggo sprints to the door and gives me all the cuddles in the world, where some boys can’t even spare their video game time. I get it, everyone has some days where they need to be selfish and not give you all their attention, a dog NEVER has those days. Constant companionship and love, something no simple human can ever manage. In short, if my dog is growling or giving you the complete cold shoulder doesn’t for a second, expect a text back.