Why I Think You Should Join Her Campus

Dear Reader,

You should, absolutely, 100%, join Her Campus. No matter what year you are in school, just do it. Join. I joined as a junior, and it was one of the best decisions of my college career. Her Campus has taught me so much about so many things, and I grew exponentially as a person and a writer in just the first year I have been a part of the organization.

I already knew I loved writing; it's always been one of my strong suits academically, and I have a blog, so it's pretty engrained in my life. I also know that writing is probably going to pay a big role in my professional life, and although I don't yet know what capacity that will be, I am always looking for more opportunities to hone my skills. So, when I came across Her Campus, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me, and I think it can be the perfect opportunity for you, too!

First of all, Her Campus will teach you all the basic stuff. How to craft an article that is enjoyable for readers, how to meet a deadline, how to find relevant photos and cite said photos...and the list of technical lessons goes on. In addition to writing for them, I was also a photographer last year, and worked for the social media team to produce content. This in itself was a huge learning opportunity because I had to look for things that fit not just my personal aesthetic and vision, but that of the brand.

But beyond just these things, you will be working, writing, photographing, whatever you do, alongside an amazing group of empowered, and empowering, women. Weekly meetings are full of wonderful discussions and insights, debates, anecdotes, you name it. Everyone builds each other up, but nobody is afraid to give (or receive) constructive criticism or suggestions. It it, hands down, one of the most supportive work environments you will ever find.

So, to sum things up, please join this amazing team! There is no shortage of material you can cover - whatever you are passionate about, you can write about. You can use it as a learning experience, a way to broaden your horizons, a platform for your message, a way to meet new people, you name it. Her Campus is a place for everyone, and I think that, no matter who you are, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot.

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