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There are many responses people give when being asked about whether or not ghosts and spirits are really real. Some may deny the existence of ghosts without a doubt. Others may not be sure, or simply don’t have any reasons as to why they should or should not believe. Then there are those who will say yes without hesitation and agree that ghosts are 100% real. Like most controversial topics, not everyone will ever completely agree and that’s okay. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, which brings me to mine — that ghosts are in fact real. I purely want to share a few of my own personal experiences that contribute to my believing in ghosts/spirits. My experiences aren’t nearly as scary as some other individuals’ experiences may be, but they were enough to make me believe that I wasn’t alone in my house.

Over the summer my parents took a vacation to Costa Rica. I was asked to take care of the dogs while they were gone, which I obviously didn’t mind doing. They were out of town for about ten days and within those ten days staying at the house I had some very strange occurrences while I was home alone.

To start off, I’ve always believed in “ghosts,” “poltergeists,” “spirits,” whatever you want to call it. I moved into this house when I was going to be a junior in high school but had never experienced anything very paranormal until this year. This period of time over the summer is the only time I’ve ever truly felt like there was a presence upon me. The first time I sensed something strange was the second day my family had been gone. I had left the bathroom door open in the downstairs basement area of the house, and while I was upstairs in the kitchen I heard a door slam downstairs. I knew I was the only one home, besides the dogs, so I got a little freaked out. I went downstairs a few minutes later, and sure enough the bathroom door was shut. There were no windows open or anything, so there’s truly no explanation as to what it was.

Luckily for me, my boyfriend came to spend as much time as he could at the house with me while I was house sitting. However, every occasion that a strange instance took place, he was never there. About a day or so after the first incident, I woke up with scratches and bruises on my leg. Another weird thing that I continuously noticed was that one of my dogs would bark at random corners in the house. She would be barking at something that I couldn’t see, which made me feel even more uneasy. This was something I had noticed her doing in the past as well.

The days were passing and it wasn’t until one of the final nights that I heard the strangest thing. I was laying in my bed at about 11 pm, when I heard what sounded like glass bottles being thrown away right outside my window. The sound was extremely close, and I immediately looked out the window just to see absolutely nothing. I heard what I heard so I couldn’t stop wondering about what the sound was. When this happened it was late and dark, so I was feeling a lot more scared than before. The next morning I went outside to see if someone really had thrown something in the trash, but once again, there was nothing.

One more thing I want to include is something else that happened to my mom at the house. She said as she was getting ready one morning and putting her contacts in, her contact case slid right across the counter. There was no explanation, the counter wasn’t wet and there was nothing else on it besides the case. This happened last month, whereas my incidents took place in the end of June. I still thought it was very spooky that something moved on its own like that, and that only prompted me to believe a spirit is in the house even more.

Since all this happened this year, I have become very curious when it comes to ghosts/spirits. I have watched a bunch of different shows and movies over the years that have caused me to believe in spirits, and after having multiple strange occurrences happen to me in the house, I definitely believe. This year in particular, I have watched the show Haunted on Netflix which is about real people’s life experiences being haunted, with haunting reenactments. Another one I’ve been very into is called Buzzfeed Unsolved, which is on Hulu, where two guys go to haunted locations and try to contact the ghosts there. Both of these shows are super good and creepy for anyone who is into that sort of thing. After watching them I feel like I have more of an understanding of the afterlife and paranormal activities that can take place. For me, I don’t believe that all spirits are bad, but I do think that they are not a force to be messed with. I definitely believe ghosts and spirits are real because I’ve had my own experiences, so no one can change my mind.

Delaney is a recent 2020 graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Strategic Communication. She feels very passionate about her writing and has enjoyed being apart of a woman empowered online magazine like Her Campus.
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