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The Perfect Valentine’s and Galentine’s Gifts

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Written by Michal Mitchell

Valentine’s Day is near! And it’s time to be reminded of the sweet, sweet loves in your life. Such as… your love for shoes. Because Valentine’s Day is not only a day where people buy gifts for the one they love, but it can also be a day where one splurges on the love of their life — themselves. I mean, you’re going to be here your entire life. It’s your life! So ya better start lovin. And since it’s Valentine’s, you may be looking to buy a gift or two. Whether you’re shopping for a loved one, a Galentine, or yourself, I have the perfect Valentine’s and Galentine’s gifts for the lovely people in your life.


Who doesn’t love a good pair of booties? This February I’ll be wearing my one and only MOU booties. Well, I have multiple pairs, and they all will be fighting for who will be my favorite. But my current favorite is their Tall Eskimo 40 boot in cracked black/grey. They’re the perfect shoe to wear if you want both style and comfort.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Wearing a MOU eskimo bootie is like walking on a cloud. The “eskimo is made with divinely warm double-face sheepskin, hand-crocheted wool seams, a supportive heel counter and an EVA & rubber outdoor sole.” Basically, you will be extremely cozy throughout your day. It’s a perfect gift, whether for a loved one or for yourself. If you do get them for someone else, just don’t try them on beforehand because you’ll likely end up keeping them for yourself. Actually, on second thought, try them on!

Thistle and Spire

Looking for some lingerie? Thistle & Spire has got you covered, or uncovered… soon enough at least. Their pieces are unique to their brand and gorgeous in design. If you’re looking for a sexy bodysuit to wear this Valentine’s, I recommend Thistle and Spire’s iconic Medusa Bodysuit. This mesh bodysuit features an embroidered snake slithering up your body. It’s a godly edition to your lingerie collection — and you’ll want to start a lingerie collection after browsing through Thistle and Spire’s collection of lingerie. The bodysuit comes in seven colors and there is even a bralette and underwear style as well with the iconic snake design.

Along with being flattering and fun, their bras are also very comfortable and supportive. I feel supported when I wear the Brighton Bra, which is a statement go-to bustier I wear under my favorite blazer for a day or a night on the town. 

My lingerie collection keeps growing thanks to this brand; you’ll miss out if you don’t check out their collection before Valentine’s Day!

Kat The Label

Kat The Label has delicate, intricately detailed flowery lace pieces that are a must-have for anyone’s lingerie collection. For Valentine’s in particular I recommend the Nicolette Set in Red — this is a new go-to of mine which I pair under subtle sheer tops. I love underwire bras and this one is no exception. It’s comfortable and their deep red color is bold and sexy. The detailing is exceptional not only in the front with their tulle cups but the double strap detail along the back as well. 

Their Cindy Set in Red is also absolutely perfect for Valentine’s. You’ll look like a sexy cupid in this lacy satin piece. So soft! So lacy!

I’d also check out their latest lingerie as well, if you’re looking for additional colors and styles. Any piece is really a win with their lingerie designs. 

Monica Vinader

Who doesn’t want a Valentine’s vermeil necklace? Monica Vinader is a high-end jewelry brand that makes stunning jewelry in designs that are classic, yet special. You can wear their pieces whether you are attending a fancy night out or are casually running errands all day. (You’ll just look extra amazing while at Target and the grocery store.)

If you’re looking for an eye-catching necklace, I recommend Monica Vinader’s gold vermeil Heart Snake Choker Necklace. This handcrafted necklace is delicate and beautiful and has intricate small hearts along the choker. The great thing about this piece is it’s reversible — one side with hearts, the other a classic gold choker. So if you’re feeling extra fabulous, you can simply flip the necklace and wear all of your little gold vermeil hearts for the world to see.

Gold vermeil hearts? Yes. Monica Vinader is known for their amazing gold vermeil pieces. Their jewelry is made with gold vermeil which is different than normal gold plating. They put it best, explaining that it’s “A unique blend of high quality, precious metal, without the hefty price tag. Unlike regular gold plating, a thick layer of 18ct gold is layered on top of a sterling silver base (no brass here, thank you.) Put simply, gold plated vermeil gives you the best quality for the best price.” Trust me, you really can feel the weight and quality with this brand. You can also check out their curated selection of their favorite pieces specifically for Valentine’s Day for more gift ideas.

French Knot

Oh my goodness, is this brand cute! If you’re looking to get your special Valentine or Galentine a unique gift that they’ll wear throughout the year, look no further than French Knot by Lindsay Mason. The quality and design of their pieces make for a perfect gift, and you can’t just find these anywhere. Their pieces are handmade, hand felted by artisans in Nepal with a bright mix of beautiful colors. My favorites? The Polka Dot Slippers — these are so cozy and so cute; you’ll never be able to take them off! Okay well, you’ll have to take them off eventually. 

I’ve also been wanting a pair of convertible mittens for a while now, and then I saw the glorious pair I had been waiting for: the Rita Convertible Mittens! They are fleece lined, mohair blend, and handmade with such beautiful colors — a perfect pair! 

Another gift option is French Knot’s Meadow Clasp Pouch, that screams “unique.” Any cash or coins that I have will go into this beautiful baby of a pouch! It’s hand felted and made with 100% wool and embroidered with a unique flower design. I got mine in turquoise and it’s one of my new favorite things to look at.

APL – Athletic Propulsion Labs

Need a Galentine gift for your sporty friends? Or maybe you just need to invest in a new pair of running shoes that will actually stand the test of time. Well, I’ve been looking for just that. My old tennis shoes and athletic footwear didn’t survive my runs in the park and walks through the streets after a year or two. I needed something comfortable and durable that wouldn’t give me blisters each time I worked out. And then I discovered the wonderful footwear from Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL.)

Their TechLoom Tracer’s are both perfect for training and stylish for wearing anytime. They have a “Propelium® midsole [which] provides great, low profile cushioning and rebound, with rubber traction pads placed in key high wear areas for durability.” Both APL’s TechLoom Tracer and TechLoom Wave have amazing cushions for the heel that are built into the shoe so you don’t need to worry about blisters or a rough heel when running. I got my TechLoom Wave’s in a beautiful Burgundy mix and my TechLoom Tracer in a Creme Pink and Burgundy Tie Dye.

If you’re having a cozy Galentine’s party and need some stylish pink footwear to fit the theme, I recommend APL’s Big Logo TechLoom Slides in Metallic Neon Pink — they’re super fun and vibrant for Valentine’s! Or for a more neutral color, take a look at Pristine/Black — a nice cream color with a splash of black.

Pointe Studio

If you’re throwing a Galentine’s party this February, you may want to have some party favors or unique gift baskets for your friends to take home with them. Pointe Studio has some stylish grip socks to throw in your Galentine’s gift baskets! For your sporty friend? Give them some toeless grip socks for their workouts. Or maybe you and your friends like to dance? Their dance socks are featured in tie dye styles too! I discovered this brand at the perfect time too! They have every style you could ever need, or yourself or for your friends!

Having a tough time deciding? My personal favorites are their Clean Cut Toeless Grip Sock in a bright turquoise green color, Marble Grip Sock, Wash Out Grip Sock, and Dunes Toeless Grip Sock. I also love a splash of color with their Crackle Ankle Grip Sock and Wash Out Toeless Grip Sock.

Bryan Anthonys

Who doesn’t love a beautiful piece of gold jewelry? I know I do. But Bryan Anthony’s jewelry is unique not only because of their designs, but because of the words behind them. Each piece of jewelry is designed with a purpose, and with that, each jewelry comes with a lovely piece of prose written by co-founder and designer Amber Glassman. 

Bryan Anthony’s encourages others to make their life and others’ lives meaningful. According to the brand, they were “named after co-founder Amber Glassman’s brother, whose young life was tragically taken due to a severe case of bacterial meningitis, Bryan Anthony’s was founded on the verifiable truth of life’s fragility — we only have one life and time isn’t something that is guaranteed. The brand was created in honor of Bryan, with the hope of encouraging others to make their life and the lives around them meaningful. With a passion to pursue purpose, the couple aims to transform the way we view fashion and the world around us — it’s about discovering personal style while embracing personal stories.”

A perfect gift for Valentine’s from Bryan Anthony’s? I recommend their All In Necklace, a subtle knotted gold heart that elegantly sits around your neck. It’s a piece that is both simple yet unique in design. The piece of prose that accompanies this necklace is also a sweet addition to any gift:

I will love you on the days when laughter spills out of you — when there is so much light, it illuminates everything we see. I will love you on the days when your heart feels heavy — when life appears messy and the darkness blurs our way. I will love you when the world feels like opening itself up and when it unanticipatedly feels like closing in. I will love you through your past and your future — through your accomplishments and your mistakes. I will love you during the fearless adventures and the humble nights at home. I will love you when you’re hurting, when you’re healing, when you’re broken and when you’re complete. When it comes to you and me, there isn’t a “sometimes” — there’s just an “always.” As long as we’re together — you’ll never have to wonder. You’ll never have to question ­— I’m all in.” 


You can never have enough shoes. Well, maybe you can. But Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to splurge on yourself and buy a new pair of shoes for your collection. I recommend Matisse to get you started, where you’ll find footwear so beautiful that it somehow looks better in person than the photos — and those photos are pretty good-looking! It’s one of those brands where you can see the quality.

Their modern design and craftsmanship are superb, especially with their Caty Ankle Boots. They’re a unique design, and the detail is absolutely beautiful. I have their Caty Ankle Boot in their Blush Snake color. Love!

Tai Jewelry

I’ve mentioned them before, and I’ll mention them again. TAI Jewelry has some stunning pieces that are perfect gift choices for your Valentine. Their designs are unique and personality-driven. Whether it’s a pair of studs sparkled out to your favorite food or The Lovers Tarot Card Necklace that shows your witchy side, they have some amazing designs. 

My favorites are the The Star Tarot Card Necklace (who wouldn’t want their favorite tarot card in jewelry form?) and the Gold Herringbone Chain with a CZ Accent. Jewelry is a popular gift for a reason, and whoever you gift this brand’s jewelry to will undoubtedly be in awe.

Boma Jewelry

Maybe your Valentine is into pearls? Gold and silver? I love Boma Jewelry because they make their pieces with sustainable pearl pieces. Handcrafted to perfection, these pieces are simple and lovely. I love their Parel Signet Ring and Parel Pearl Bracelet — both are pretty and dainty — I wish they made an anklet version too! I pair my bracelet and ring with nearly any other jewelry piece. It’s classic yet unique in it’s own way.  If you need more Valentine’s themed jewelry I would take a look at their Heart Pull Through Hoop Earrings. They’re perfect for a gift or party favor!

Tailored Union

Did I mention I’m currently obsessed with socks? With Tailored Union socks you can bring some life back into your shoe collection by pairing a pair of shoes with a pair of these cute and comfy socks! Yeah, that’s a lot of pairs, but it will likely be even more pairs once you browse through Tailored Union’s collection of socks. I adore their Sweetheart Socks, Love You Socks, and Hearts Socks. Perfect for those Galentine gift baskets. 

In fact, all three of those Valentine-themed socks come in a darling bundle! The XO Pack and the XO Gift Box. I also adore their cozy and plush Hide Socks as well as their Beholder Women’s All Good socks.

Third Drawer Down

Remember the Galentine’s party that you’re hypothetically throwing? Well do I have the party favors for you. Third Drawer Down has some seriously fun options. Third Drawer Down collaborates with different influential artists to create gift and homeware pieces for everyone.

Some of my recommendations? The Magda Archer’s Stay Fresh Drink Flask, which not only is practical, (you can use it everyday during your lunch break) but it’s a piece of art! The London-based artist also has an adorable Why Can’t People Be Nice To Each Other Magnet, which is perfect for the Galentines in your life. Some more fun gift options? David Shrigley’s Ridiculous Stress Swan Thing, Yayoi Kusama’s Late-Night Chat Is Filled With Dreams Mug Set, and Yayoi Kusama’s Love Forever Domestic Art Towel Set.

Charlotte Tilbury

Party favors are simply extra special when there’s a bit of makeup in the mix. So when you’re adding the final touches to your Galentine party basket, don’t forget the makeup! Charlotte Tilbury is a modern classic. Whether it’s their smokey cream eyeshadows or their gorgeous new lipsticks, Charlotte Tilbury has something for every one of your Galentine guests. My recommendation is their Brow Cheat eyebrow pencil — a classic that never goes out of style. A bit of supermodel brows for V-Day? Sounds great to me!

So, what gifts will you be getting for your Valentine? And your Galentine? And yourself, of course. Show the special people in your life that they are special, but also show yourself that you are special! You deserve some love this year!

Whether you’re gifting yourself something fun, going out for a special day with your loved one, hosting a Galentine’s Day party, or relaxing with a bowl of popcorn while watching your favorite romantic movie, have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Written by Michal Mitchell

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