Which of These Nine Ballet Heroines (Or Villains) Are You?

Although the stories from many classical ballets are convoluted to say the least, and often end badly (it's not a true ballet unless everyone dies), there are some surprisingly relatable characters to be found. Whether you're a ballet nut like me, or someone who's new to the ballet world, it's fun to know whether you are more Odette or Odile.


Odette from “Swan Lake”

You are definitely an introvert, and try very hard to avoid talking with new people. Because of this, as well as your love of nature, you are more likely to be found by a lake with your “corps” group friends than at a party.


Odile from “Swan Lake”

Although you may resemble a sweet, Odette-Girl-Next-Door-Type, discerning individuals will soon realize that looks can be deceiving. You are the life of the party and love to be the center of attention; your flirtatious manner combined with your bold personality mean it’s not unusual for a few people to get their hearts broken during the course of a typical night.


Giselle from “Giselle”

Generally considered the sweetest one in your friend group, your kind heart helps you see the best in people (even when you probably shouldn’t). Because of your gentle nature, most people have treat you with kid gloves, which has left you more than a little naïve. You fall in love more quickly than is good for you, and forgive far too easily.


Myrtha from “Giselle”

You probably come off as cold, but it’s mostly because you have been hurt one too many times. Forgiveness and trust do not come easily to you, and as a result you are often called aloof, particularly when it comes to meeting your friends’ new significant others; newcomers are treated with general distaste and generally ignored. Despite being unable to endear yourself to everyone, you are surrounded by a large group of likeminded friends who understand your point of view.


Aurora from “The Sleeping Beauty”

You are the girl who people say have it all, you are intelligent, witty, talented, and gorgeous inside and out. Despite your many gifts, you remain humble and kind. You have a lot of love to give, and encourage those around you to be their best selves.


Carabosse from “The Sleeping Beauty”

You definitely have a flare for the dramatic, particularly when you feel as though you’ve been snubbed. If, for instance, someone throws a party and “forgets” to invite you, they will definitely be hearing from you.


The Lilac Fairy from “The Sleeping Beauty”

Always the level-headed one, your friends commonly rely on you in times of crisis. You exude a sense of calm and optimism that has the unique ability to put others at ease. Although you do have moments of stress, you truly believe everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.


Kitri from “Don Quixote”

You have a bold personality to say the least and leave a lasting impression on people. You have a good head on your shoulders and this, combined with your natural confidence, allows you to have be completely comfortable making decisions; in fact, it is almost impossible for anyone to convince you to do anything you don’t want to, or to change your mind, particularly when it comes to your choice of SO.


Swanhilda from “Coppelia”

Although you are generally intelligent, you tend to become a little extreme about your relationships. Despite having a level head, you often manage to drag not only yourself, but your friends into some pretty crazy schemes; although you have found yourself in some interesting situations, these have only served to strengthen your relationships (both with your friends and your SO) and give you some fun stories to share.


Whatever character you most resemble, embrace your strengths and use them to your full potential. No matter your personality type, always remember you are smart, capable, and independent. Although you probably won't finish off the semester with 32 fouettes, your accomplishments will be no less impressive!

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