What's Your Love Language?

| words of affirmation | acts of service | gifts | quality time | physical touch |

Love languages? You mean, there are different ways that people show and receive love? Sweet. Want to know what yours is?

Ask yourself some questions:

1.   How do you usually express love or appreciation to others?

The way you give and show your love can be different from the way that you receive love.

2.   What do you crave/complain about most often when you desire to feel love from someone?

3.   What love do you ask for most often?

For example, if you ask for opinions about your hair, that’s words of affirmation. If you like big hugs (like me), that’s physical touch.

Let’s make a new effort to LOVE PEOPLE BETTER. Take the time to get to know others. Find what will make others feel special and important - that is why we’re here; that is why relationships are created. Others are in need of your encouragement and care – so learn to give it in the way that will be most meaningful to them.

A lot of arguments, disagreements, or feeling unsupported in any relationship can be because someone is interpreting the love being shown incorrectly or not at all! By learning how other people love and how other people want to be loved can solve problems that come up.

Another fun idea? Try and figure out what your partner’s love language is. It won’t only grow your relationship, but will help them feel more loved too. Don’t worry if you aren’t the same language, have patience with them and help each other love each other.

Congratulate Dr. Gary Chapman for discovering a new way to love people better.