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This other day I went and hiked the shoreline ridge with some friends. It’s a beautiful trail right behind campus. As we were making our way back I noticed these rocks placed on either side of the trail all the way until you reached the end. On each rock a quote was displayed. I imagine the idea behind this was to provoke thought as people walked past. One rock in particular had a quote engraved that caught my eye, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

Something I often get caught up in is the idea of fate. The idea that we have certain predetermined events and people lined up for us. And I spend so much time worrying if the things I’m doing and the people I’m meeting are leading me to my fate. While I do believe that there is a plan for each and every person out there, I still sometimes worry that I won’t find my fate. 

This quote completely changed the way that I thought about my future. 

Your fate is not created for you, but instead you create it. Why spend all your time worrying about what is right for your life when you know what is right for you more than anyone else? You are the best equipped person to decide what is right for you and your future. So take what you love the most and make it your fate. 

Hey i'm Camille! I'm a sophomore at The U studying social work. Before I moved to school I lived in northern California. I love the beach, the mountains, and writing!!
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