What You Didn't Know About Heart-throb Noah Centineo

Though it seems that everyone's internet boyfriend, Noah Centineo, popped up overnight to crowd Netflix, our instagram feeds, and our dreams, this dream boy has worked hard to be where he’s at. Popping up in Netflix's hit original To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and numerous other films on the popular streaming service, Noah Centineo has become the face of teenage heart-throb for the past year and a half. I mean, how could he not with his freckled face, charming smile, and *ahem* beautiful body. Looking more into this boy, there’s a story behind his success, and a single decision that changed everything for him.

Noah owes his success to his sister, who pursued modeling in their hometown in Florida. This gave Noah enough access and exposure to the industry to land a small role in a Disney Channel TV show, Austin & Ally, at the age of 15. After this, Noah convinced his family that he was passionate and serious about acting and would like to live in Los Angeles full-time. So, during his sophomore year of college, Centineo moved out with his family to the big city. For three or so years, Noah struggled to claim success until he landed the role of Jesus in the hit TV series The Fosters.

After the TV show ended in 2018, Noah was ready to completely commit his life to acting, becoming happier, and making a difference. This led to Noah's decision to lead a new, “sober” life on his 21st birthday. In an Instagram live video, Noah shared, "I had been partying quite a bit when I lived in LA. I was having a really good time. When I was turning 21, I was like, damn, I've been partying like crazy since I was 17.... I was like, wow, maybe I should take a break."

How has that decision played out for him? Other than landing roles in more than three hit Netflix films and gaining over ten million Instagram followers, Noah told The New York Times, “What I found was, when I took care of my body, my mind and my emotions and my heart were way happier. When I wasn’t drinking, when I wasn’t smoking weed and partying, I was responsible for my actions and I could choose my actions from a more mindful place. And my life changed — drastically.”

It’s pretty cool when a celebrity can take hold of their life and not let the fame get to their head. Make sure to catch this brunet beauty in Netflix’s movie, The Perfect Date — with Noah Centineo as the lead of course.

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