What the Thirteenth Zodiac Sign Means

Recently someone told me that they had added a 13th Zodiac sign.

After doing a little bit of research, I realized that this is old news and that I know absolutely nothing about the zodiac. Apparently, in 2016, NASA released an article about the original formation of the zodiac (on a page for children) that says that there are actually supposed to be thirteen constellations in the original zodiac and that somewhere along the way it got cut down to twelve for no apparent reason. The new zodiac would look like this with 13 signs and an added Ophiuchus.

Ophiuchus is shown in the picture below and its addition to the zodiac shifts all of the zodiac signs slightly off, which means that some people’s signs may change. 

It makes all of the signs a little bit shorter. You can look at the list of the new signs here. The thirteenth Zodiac sign is linked to a Greek myth about a man named Asclepius who used herbs from a snake to resurrect the son of the King of Crete. He was a healer and went on to do many amazing feats of healing detailed in Greek myths. The constellation is associated with snakes and its Latin name is Serpentarius. The constellation is supposed to show a man holding a snake with the tail of the snake coiled around the man’s waist.

The sun is in Ophiuchus from November 30th to December 10th. People in the sign are supposedly focused on healing and unity. Although Ophichians are focused on healing, they can also have hot tempers and unhealthy focus on power. The personality attributes of Ophichians are less fleshed out than most of the others because it is so new to the zodiac.

The discovery of a thirteenth Zodiac sign, however, may not be so groundbreaking. Many people still have not accepted the addition of Ophiuchus in the zodiac sign because the addition seems to be kind of an understanding by NASA of the zodiac. The Babylonians created the zodiac by dividing the night sky into twelve sections and then choosing constellations within that section. They chose a constellation within the quadrant that was emblematic and built the signs around those constellations. That’s why the zodiac constellations tend to not fit perfectly in the lines of the 30-degree sections and overlap in certain places. Because of this condition, those with birthdays in between November 30-December 10 just may be able to stay Sagittarius after all. 

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