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What Harry Styles Suit You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We were all a little disappointed when we heard Harry won’t be playing Prince Eric in the new live-action The Little Mermaid, so here’s a little Harry for you. 


You are passionate and energetic, the Oberhausen suit is perfect. 


You’re rooted, emulate growth and determined, like the Dublin look.


Like this San Jose suit, you are curious and brilliant.


This Paris suit is perfect for your great intuition and compassion.


You have a warm spirit and love attention, perfectly represented by this Denver ensemble. 


You are grounded and careful, much like the warm mustard suit worn in Sydney.


You are extremely likable and calming, just like this sparkly and pastel Bangkok look.


You are intense and inquisitive, and this flamboyant Mexico City suit represents that. 


You are open and enlightened, much like the purple tweed and sparkle of this Milan suit. 


Washington D.C.’s suit is strong, practical and reliable, just like you. 


You may be restless, but your presence is soothing. This Copenhagen look is perfect for you.


You are healing, sensitive and emotional. This Sacramento look perfectly represents that. 

Is your favorite look the one that best represents you? 


Henry spends his time listening or playing music. His largest goal in life is to fight against the system to help marginalized communities. To help achieve such a huge goal, Henry studies Communications at the University of Utah. In the mean time, Henry hopes his writing can slowly chip away at harmful systems and ideologies.
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