What An "Essentials Kit" Is and Why You Should Have One

College is a busy, crazy, sometimes unorganized lifestyle. It is often hard to remember everything you may need when you’re getting ready for school, a night out, or even just for dinner. It is time to ditch the forgetfulness and take-up this new method of making your own sort of “essentials kit."

The idea is simple. Find a small makeup bag that fits your taste. This does not have to be a pricey endeavor; I personally grabbed a small travel makeup bag that I wasn’t using and designated it as the kit. This bag should be small enough to slip in your purse or place on top of your counter. 

The hard part is deciding what things you deem as “essential”. It helps to start out with the question “what could I absolutely not spend a night without?” For many, this list includes things like a phone charger, contacts case, medication, ibuprofen, glasses, a hair tie or scrunchie, pepper spray, and if you feel inclined, a spare house key. Many also love to keep their go-to makeup products in their kit to have accessible for quick touch-ups on the go. Although this list contains things that many people choose to include, feel free to exclude or add any item as you please. This kit is meant to be personal to you. 

Once you have your kit complete, pick a designated spot in your home to place it while you’re in for the day. For me, I choose my nightstand for the convenience of taking the medications inside it before bed, but there is no right answer as to where you place it. I have friends that place it next to their garage door so that it is hard to forget when in a rush. 

The rest is easy, just grab the kit when you’re on the go and place into whatever bag you are using. This method of small packing for the day will prevent you from forgetting the important things, no matter the destination you are headed. 

I love this kit because it takes the idea of a purse and makes it versatile. If you are headed to class but want to make sure you have everything you need with you, its easy. Rather than emptying your purse into your backpack, all you have to do is take the kit from your purse and place it in your backpack, or vice versa. 

This kit also takes the stress out of packing for weekend trips. Headed home but you are worried that you might forget the most important things? Simply packing your self-made kit will eliminate this problem. This life hack will save you time and stress on the go, which is all you can really ask for when attending college, work, extracurriculars or really anything that you might be taking part in.

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