The VS PINK GRL PWR Campaign is all You've Been Waiting For

We are all too familiar with the reputation that Victoria's Secret has created of praising the “supermodel” body type. Advertising its clothing in thin, flawless, thigh gapped beauties and televising the famous annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, this company has somewhat built a stereotype of anything but body positivity. However, VS PINK has something else on its mind. In 2008, VS Pink released its Campus Rep Program. On a mission to reach out and involve their target customers (girls aged 18-22), this establishment assigned girls on various college campuses around the country to help build a community of inspiring and supportive students, all while incorporating their brand with things like events, exclusive clothing, social media, teams, and more. This has been hugely successful and a real positive turn for the genuineness and relatability of the company and its brand. You can find the University of Utah’s Campus Rep instagram at @utahpink.

The latest dig on the Campus Reps and VS Pink is their campaign titled “GRL PWR”. With its mission statement being to “Celebrate, support, and inspire girls everywhere!,” this is exactly the kind of attitude that VS PINK is now striving to represent and input with their Campus Reps program. With their Instagram overflowing with IRL college girls and campuses, it makes the company friendly and positive. Earlier this year, VS PINK additionally hosted a GRL PWR YOUR DREAM campaign where, upon entry, you could win 10,000 dollars to fund your proposed dream. Now that sounds like some power to the girls to me. This new attitude of support and confidence for girls around the country at university is something unique and, in my opinion, just what Victoria's Secret branding needs. Check in with this campaign with the hashtag #PINKGRLPWR and on PINK's official Instagram @VSPINK.

The best part of this new campaign, however, could be their new understated logo clothing line. Of course, there is a time for bling and sparkles and huge letters sprawled upon your chest and thigh, but something a little more neutral is what most college girls are after when it comes to clothing. One of the benefits of the Campus Reps program is that VS PINK gets a real view on what college girls are really wearing, and what they’re interested in buying. Thankfully, with the new GRL PWR campaign came a new “Campus Rep approved" line of clothing from VS PINK. These include adorable muted color sweatshirts, soft cotton sweats, practical/supportive sports bras, and so much more— all without PINK's logo pasted everywhere. You'll only find a simple embroidered “P” in the corner of your leggings or a simple cursive "pink" at the bottom of your sweater. These new looks are so much more appealing to actual college students, and the fact that they are inspired by Campus Reps shines a light for the GRL PWR campaign like nothing else. Check them out here. Plus, students get a discount!

We love it when a company both empowers women and offers adorable products. Here’s to GRL PWR!



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