Utah Winter As Told By a Californian

Paul Theroux once said, “winter is a season of recovery and preparation."  A friend who visited me here in Utah in January once said, “HOLY S*** DUDE, HOW DO YOU LIVE HERE, I’M FREEZING?!"

Winter in Utah is a very peaceful time of year. The snow is falling, the sidewalks are covered in white, and nobody leaves their home because they are afraid that the inversion could and will give them cancer.  Despite being very, very, very cold, being a Californian living in Salt Lake City is wonderful during the colder months.  I did not grow up around a ton of snow,  like many fellow Californians, so being immersed in it everyday is an experience that I feel fortunate to have. That being said, you can count on me moving back to the Golden State once I am done with school so that I don’t have to have an eternal white Christmas.

 One of the biggest benefits of a Utah winter is the fact that my debit card is finally getting some use!  As a poor college student, it barely sees any action except for the inside of my wallet.  Now, I use it virtually everyday when I have to scrape the ice buildup off of my windshield.

The skiing in Utah has been claimed to be the best in the world, and I believe that is correct. The powder is incredible and the trails are epic. Especially compared to Lake Tahoe skiing,  which is basically skiing on a giant ice skating rink most of the time.

While everyone in California is suffering through El Nino, constantly getting poured on and having to scavenge for the raincoat they bought years ago, I am here enjoying the snow gliding right off of my jacket and sticking to the ground instead of me.  And yeah, sure, it might be 19 degrees outside, but I would rather be cold and dry than lukewarm and soaking wet.

I really can see why people fall in love with Utah winters because I am guilty of doing so. However, I think I will at least stick to my California summers.