Utah Bands to Look Out For

Have you ever wondered about the music scene in your hometown? If you're from Utah, you may not realize how talented the locals are. Here are a few artists you may want to keep on your radar.


Super Young Adult

For Fans of: N.J.F.D. by Sipper

Listen to: Sugar House, Pioneer Park


Super Young Adult is a solo project created by Boone. Based in Ogden, UT, Boone writes, produces, and performs on his own. He is a producer for other projects, and he enjoys collaborating with local artists. 


Wild Flour

For Fans of: Edward 40hands by Mom Jeans.

Listen to: Not Again, Death Pebbles


Wild Flour consists of 4 members based in Heber, Utah: Dallin Huff on guitar, Nick Harmon on bass, Josh Eggertz on drums, and Ben Abe Tullis on lead vocals. They recently released a single called Death Pebbles. Give it a listen, and buy tickets to their next concert. 


Adult Prom

For Fans of: Head in the Clouds by Hot Flash Heat Wave

Listen to: Angst, Baby, You’re a Star!


Adult Prom began as Russ Allphin’s solo project back in 2018. Today, he plays small shows with drummer Finn Harris, bassist Ethan Martel, and guitarist Jonny Seegmiller. Frontman Russ Allphin is heavily influenced by indie rock artists like Galaxie 500, REM, and Mazzy Star. You can expect a 2021 album release!



For Fans of: Get By by Liza Anne

Listen to: Numbed


Rivers Whiting uses the stage name Mccriv, and she is from Midway, UT. Her soft vocals and striking lyrics are a beautiful mix. Look out for her new single Lavender (which should be released in the next few weeks).  



For Fans of: Strained by No Vacation

Listen to: Be Nice ‘Cause, Sandhill Rd 2


Backhand consists of 4 members based in Provo, Utah: Jake Owens on guitar, Mitch Owens on bass, Matt Timmons on drums, and Ben Owens on lead vocals. They recently released their first EP, Kiki Alarcon. Give it a listen and look out for their next live gig.



Kilby Court is a small venue in Salt Lake City that has housed iconic names from Vampire Weekend to Mac Miller. Most concerts are $15 a ticket. The venue is adapting well in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tickets are bought in groups of 4 so that you and your friends or family can watch the concert comfortably from your own taped-off space. Remember to buy tickets far in advance! They sell out quickly. Follow @kilbycourt on Instagram to stay updated.