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University of Utah Students Rate Their Professors

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

When the class schedule for fall semester went up, I immediately started to plan my schedule. I took this as the perfect opportunity to ask around and find out which professors University of Utah students can’t get enough of. We will hopefully be back in a normal classroom setting by the beginning of fall semester, and here are some professors you should try to meet with in person according to your peers (:


Professor Katherine Baucom

  • “I would say my favorite professor is Katherine Baucom. She taught abnormal behavior (Psy 3400) and I just loved how passionate and engaging she was during her lectures. She’s also a clinical psychologist so she was definitely knowledged in what she was teaching us haha”


Professor Mark Nielsen

  • “Mark Nielsen (Anatomy) his class is ridiculously hard but he genuinely cares about what he is teaching and has excessive resources to help you succeed.”


Professor Jeff Nielson

  • “Definitely Jeff Nielson because he is so passionate and knowledgeable about his subjects in BUS1051 and STRAT 5770”


Professors Marci Butterfield and David Tannenbaum

  • “I think I would recommend Marci Butterfield or David Tannenbaum, they’re both professors that really made sure the students were understanding the concepts, and took the time reiterate concepts that might be harder to understand. They were also both very understanding of a students’ time and things that may affect a student’s commitment to the class.”


Professor Theresa Martinez

  • “My favorite professor is probably Theresa Martinez because she’s amazing haha I mean she really want us to succeed and is always there if you need anyone to talk to”
  • “Definitely Theresa!! She’s the coolest and has the best classes.”
  • I would also say that Theresa is my favorite professor. I have taken four classes with her! She is incredible and really makes an effort to memorize names before the semester begins. She is compassionate and inspiring, and she is a professor that I will always recommend! 


Professor Alan Sandomir

  • “My favorite professor I think is Alan Sandomir because I think he’s full of knowledge/really insightful and is able to get the most out of his students in terms of engagement. People learn a lot from his class and holds you accountable for readings.”


Professor Jeff Statler

  • “If I had to choose Jeff Statler because he’s energized and puts in a lot of effort for students to be able to talk to him and do self learning!”


Professor Sarah Creem-Regehr

  • “A favorite professor I have right now is Sarah Creem-Regehr. She is a psychology professor and I have her right now for Sensation and Perception. As someone majoring in the arts (I’m not very scientifically-minded), she is amazing at teaching difficult and technical subjects. Every lecture is super interesting, and she explains everything in a lot of detail. I was recommended by my brother to take this class from her, and I enjoy it much more than I thought I was going to. She also takes really great care that the tests reflect the material taught in class, and provides really good resources for studying. She’s also just a super nice and wonderful person!”


Professor Hayes-Harb

  • “I think Dr. Hayes-Harb is probably one of my favorite professors, she teaches in the linguistics department, also in linguistics Melinda Mendleson and Dr Dave Darezotes and Dr David Parker in Social Work and Peace and conflict Studies are also amazing”


Professors Holly Sebahar and Claudia De Grandi

  •  “My favorite professors at the U are Holly Sebahar and Claudia De Grandi, they teach Organic Chemistry and Physics for scientists and engineers accordingly. I love their teaching style – they engage the students more and are more hands on and either show or describe real life experiments”


 Professor Michael Mathison

  •  “Professor Michael Mathison (10/10 recommend for all new coming freshman to take his class) As a person, his personality is a bit crazy, but he’s so much fun! He has such a wild imagination and it makes sense, since he is a writing professor lol. As a teacher, he really wants his students to succeed. He provides the critical feedback, good or bad, that we as students need to further our writing. His writing techniques really do come in handy throughout your years in college too. He not only teaches you writing related subjects but he’s the professor that genuinely cares and he surprisingly gives advice on life. He was the best!”

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Parker Gibbons

I hope these suggestions from your peers will help you prepare for next semester! Good luck planning for fall semester, everyone!

** All quotes are directly from students

Farah majoring in sociology and minoring in political science. She is the Director of Recruitment and Director of Social Media of Her Campus Utah for the 2020-2021 school year. She loves painting with coffee and drinking lemonade.
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor