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University of Utah Bucket List

It’s here, Utah collegiettes! Your official University of Utah bucket list. This list of 20 things can be done over all 4 years but we bet you can tackle it even if it is your senior year.


1. Hike the U, it’s easy, I promise. 

2. Rush the Field even though the security guards instruct you not to.

3. Pull an all nighter at Club Lib, probably on the 3rd floor where you wont get anything done anyway.

4. Kiss someone in the stacks of the library like in every RomCom you’ve ever watched.

5. Picture at the Big Red U, bonus points if you get one in your first semester and then in your cap and gown.

6. Eat at The Pie then go to Ugurt and feel more like a Ute than ever.

7. Watch the Utes win a homecoming game. Bonus points if you rush the field after! Bonus points if it is against BYU.

8. Go to a Red Rocks gymnastic tournament and than decide that you should probably start stretching more.

9. Go to Crimson Nights…for ten minutes then try to sneak back in later when your friends get there.

10. Wear a tank top to class and then need your winter parka by the time you leave class because Utah weather changes faster than a freshman picking their majors.

11. Collect every flyer from welcome week, bonus points if you sign up for the clubs that you never go to.

12. Steal something from a Fraternity house—anything, just do it, yes they’ll be mad but memories.

13. Collect tee shirts from ASUU, by the end of your fourth year, you will never need to buy another shirt until you die, get them in an XL and wear them to bed.

14. Jam it out at Redfest, free concerts are the best concerts.

15. Eat at the Crimson View and brag about how you ate at the Crimson View and not the HC.

16. Watch the Greeks battle it out in Songfest and hope you don’t get hit by any flying objects, confetti, or a sorority girl who was cheerleader in high school. 

17. Have a class in HYPR and complain that “you have to hike up to your class.”

18.  Take an Outdoor Adventure class, then tell your friends you’re an avid outdoor-woman.

19.  Lock yourself out of your dorm in the dead of winter, bonus points if you live in Sage Point and have to walk a mile to the HC to get warm.

20. Graduate with a degree from the greatest school ever and forever be a Utah man.


Julianne serves in the role of Community Development Associate, directly working with chapters and expansion. She graduated from the University of Utah in 2018 with a triple major in Political Science, Film & Media Art, and Communications with minors in Health and Theater. Julianne served as a Campus Correspondent for Utah for 3 years, as a Chapter Advisor for 2 years, a Campus Expansion Assistant for 2 years, and as a High School Ambassador Advisor. New to Boston, Julianne can't wait to eat as much seafood as was deprived of her after living in the mountains for most of her life. In her spare time, she loves to ski, watch an unreasonable amount of movies, and write!
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