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Unique Classes Everyone Should Take at the University of Utah

Choosing your classes each semester is always tricky. You want to find the right balance between those that will give two hours of homework a night and those that will be easier but more fun and interesting. Luckily, the U offers so many unique classes to break up a monotonous schedule.

Arts and Hands-On Learning Classes: Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or just trying to knock out some general education, these are the classes for you!

  1. Non-Major Bookbinding

Anyone with a passion for all things books should consider taking this class! Learn all about how to, well, bind books!

      2. Pointed Pen Calligraphy

Make everyone jealous of your handwriting. May we suggest starting your own etsy store after? 

     3. Spoon Carving

Positive: You’ll never need another icebreaker topic again. Negative: Not many people ask about spoons…

      4. How to Brew Beer

You’ll be the life of any party.

    5. Entertaining with Cheese

If you’re even thinking, “I don’t need to take that class,” you’re so wrong. Go add it into your schedule and entertain me with cheese.

     6. Soap Making

No need to frequent Bath and Body Works anymore! AND, maybe another Etsy store.

      7. Beginning Harmonica

*Drops out of college to play Harmonica on the streets.*

     8. Introduction to Archery

For anyone who has ever dreamed of being Katniss Everdeen.

Unique and Interesting Topics: Basically anything you can think of is now a college class.

  1. Building a Relationship with Your Dog

Because who doesn’t want to strengthen the bond between our furry friends and us? This seems like it should be a required class.


     2. Introduction to Podcasting

You could be the next Jenna Marbles.

    3. History of Rock and Roll

You can knock out a humanities credit while learning about Elvis.

     4. Cultural Aspects of Food

Explore food and tastes from all over the world…plus, food is in the title so, no brainer.

    5. Does ET Exist?

Solve the decades-long mystery once and for all.

     6. Video Games and Storytelling

Have you ever wanted to play video games for homework? This is the class for you.

      7. Lord of the Rings on Page and Screen

Study and analyze the magical works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Harry Potter better be next.

      8. Birth of the Modern Fairytale (Grimm to Disney)

Yes, you can now study Disney and fairytales thanks to the German department.


College doesn’t have to be all about math and essays. You can throw some variety in your schedule each semester to shake things up a bit! Take some classes that are so unique to the U as fry sauce is to Utah! 

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