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Underrated Netflix Comedies to Warm Your Cold Dead Heart

Something about brisk autumn nights makes dark dry humor especially appealing. Luckily, Netflix has a multitude of comedy specials to binge to your heart’s content! Most people are familiar with John Mulaney, Iliza Shlesinger, and Kevin Hart. However, Netflix has over 170 stand up comedy specials and more in the works every day. To help you explore a little outside your comfort zone, here are some genuine, laugh-out-loud, underrated comedians to check out.  

Daniel Sloss: Live Shows

Not for the faint of heart, Daniel Sloss’ first special, Dark, is aptly named. His punchlines will leave you slightly shocked, and wondering if you should be laughing or not (you should). Jigsaw builds off of the first special and truly leans into the dark comedy that makes him so witty.

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

Dry delivery and clever wordplay make Hannah Gadsby a must see comedian. Tapping into her sexuality and constant frustration with the “straight white male,” Nanette will leave you laughing, and starkly aware of your privilege.

Jack Whitehall: At Large

One of the most theatrical comedians I’ve ever seen, Jack Whitehall makes the most of some unfortunate personal experiences by sharing them with the entire internet. Who needs therapy when you could ridicule yourself in front of strangers? No spoilers, but one of the best parts of this show is a slip-up that led to a hilarious ad libbed bit.

Chris D’Elia: Man on Fire

Though he’s been categorized as an actor for most of his career, Chris D’Elia’s comedic timing and sarcastic tone make this special absolutely fantastic. He excels at calling out the collective audience reactions to his jokes, and he’ll definitely leave you wondering if he can actually see you watching him.

James Acaster: Repertoire

If you have a whole Saturday to fill, this is the comedian for you. James Acaster’s Repertoire is actually four different hour-long specials: Recognise, Represent, Reset, and Recap. The set up for each punchline is immaculate, and his delivery style will keep you on your toes for the entire show.

Now I hope you have a better idea of what you’ll be doing on your next rainy (or snowy) day off. Take some time to dive into the world of lesser known comedy. You won’t be sorry!


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