The Ultimate Guide to a Business Casual Wardrobe

For many, shopping a new wardrobe can be both exciting and overwhelming, no matter the occasion. This is no different when it comes to shopping for a business casual wardrobe for your next big job. Many individuals run into two issues when shopping for such an important set of clothing: the first is where to start. Figuring out what clothes you will most commonly wear in a business casual setting is hard, especially if you are new to the setting altogether. It's important to start with the basics. A classic pair of black pants and a variety of plain colored shirts is a safe bet, as you can easily switch the pieces out for each other and accessorize as needed. A personal favorite (and low cost!) pair of the basic black slacks can be found here if you're having trouble finding the perfect pair. From there you can work your way into patterned shirts, dresses, and skirts as needed/desired. Another important aspect of a business casual wardrobe is shoes. Many underestimate the importance of this. You're going to be working in this pair of shoes all day: invest in something that is not only able to go with many pieces in the wardrobe, but also something comfortable enough to function. I would suggest flats, as they go with most outfits in the business casual category, but also because they wouldn’t leave you bedridden like a pair of heels would after a long shift. There is no complex method of starting your wardrobe, besides knowing to think ahead. Make sure to think about what pieces could pair easily with each other, which will prevent over-purchasing and having pieces sit in a drawer for months because you have nothing to wear them with.

The second issue that many encounter when shopping business casual is the price tag. It’s no secret, business wear is expensive! However, there are many ways to get around this, while still purchasing items that will last. My first suggestion is something that I cannot stress enough; go thrifting! Your local consignment shops and thrift stores are full of basic pieces that will help you start, and many of the items are about half of the price! If you take the time to look through the racks, there is sure to be an item that will last you a long time. Other stores that you should take advantage of are big department stores like Old Navy and H&M. While these options are not as cheap as thrifting, they will still save you a pretty penny when compared to other more professionally known options. Both have a wide array of options in all clothing categories to choose from when it comes to shopping business casual, including pants, shirts dresses, and so much more. Although crafting a whole new wardrobe can seem daunting, don’t let it be. Start with basic thrifted pieces and make new additions once you can determine what you are most comfortable working in. A work wardrobe should be about being comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you should take style completely off of the table. You will be surprised at the trends that are out there, even on a budget.