Treats to Try this Season at Disneyland

It’s finally fall, my favorite season, and what better way to celebrate than tasty treats and delicious drinks. That’s exactly what I had in mind when I traveled to Disneyland and California Adventure over fall break. Over 4 days, I went to every corner of both parks looking for the best seasonal food items. Here is a look into some of the seasonal snacks you can find around the parks! 

1. Cotton Candy

Disneyland has many snacks year-round and this treat is one you can always find. However, they added a fun fall spin on their traditional cotton candy by making it Candy Corn Cotton Candy! I expected it to have that delicious honey flavor but the cotton candy itself wasn’t flavored. It was still very delicious and a great treat to eat while walking around the park because it travels well. 

2. Beignets

My second treat of the trip was the classic Mickey Shaped Beignets: but pumpkin spice flavored. The flavor came from adding the spice to the powdered sugar. It wasn’t quite the pumpkin punch you would normally find this time of year but still yummy. I paired this with a season version of the mint julep which had blackberries, lychee, and to top it off a poison apple flashing cube! You can find both these treats in the New Orleans Square at the Mint Julep Bar. 

3. Churros

Next up were some of my favorite items, Churros! Disney upped their game with many different varieties and flavors added to their already amazing churros. As you can see I tried a lot of them. The first one I tasted was called “The Bride.” Found outside the Haunted Mansion, this churro plays on the bride character from the ride and featured vanilla flavoring. The next churro was a Caramel Apple Churro, found in Hollywood Land. It was a green churro dressed in a caramel sauce and apple compote. In Cars Land, you can find the “Haul-o-Ween Churro.” This churro was rolled in Oreo cookies, covered in chocolate, green icing, and gummy worms. Next was my favorite churro, a Horchata churro. This one came with a condensed milk dipping sauce. It was so delicious they should add it to the regular menu. The last churro was the “Coco Churro.” The churro itself was chocolate cinnamon and tasty, but it came with a spicy chocolate dipping sauce which added what I felt was an unpleasant pepper burn. 

4. Mac and Cheese

Disney also had some savory Halloween treats. The first one was from the Cozy Cones of Cars Land, the “Slow Burnin’ Mac ‘n’ Cheese Cone.” It was a spicy Mac topped with crushed hot Cheetos. You’ll love it if you love spice.

5. Nachos

Next was the hottest meal I had, “Ghost-ly pepper Nachos” and the seasonal cocktail from the new LampLight Lounge on Pixar Pier. The seasonal cocktail was similar to a tequila sunrise but with a ghost pepper syrup. The glass was also coated in Tajin and Chamoy. Not pictured is my huge glass of water. The drink and nacho combo was a hot one! 

6. Drinks

Last I got to try some non-alcoholic drinks, both found in Hollywood Land by the Monster’s Inc ride. The first was called “My Bugs! My Bugs!” This drink was a limeade with grenadine and topped with gummy worms. The name is a play on Oogie Boogie’s final lines from Nightmare Before Christmas. The second drink was a cotton candy lemonade called “Ghoulish Delight.” This was my favorite drink of the trip. The lemonade itself tasted just like cotton candy! 

With so many treats to try there was no way to try them all! While these snacks are limited to the Halloween season, Disney has been upping their snack game and adding new creations all the time, so you are sure to find something tasty. Head to Disneyland to try some of these snacks and many others.


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